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    One of my main places to get (and gain) inspiration is from my favorite street style blogs. Whether it’s scrolling through tons of colorful accessories on Jak & Jil or even looking at some local subjects on Chicago Street Style, they all allow me to escape into the picture (and my own world). Isn’t that the point of street style blogs?

   Since I haven’t done a street style inspiration post is in a while, I decided that today would be the perfect day for one. Just erase your mind for a few minutes and imagine yourself in these pictures.

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A Shot of Inspiration – The Intern

Photo Courtesy of The Sartorialist

It’s crazy how a photo can bring so much nostalgia. When I saw this picture it instantly reminded me of my summer in New York as an intern. This picture pretty much says a million words, but the question is – Who is this girl? What does she do? And why is she carrying all of those suit bags? It leaves you believing that she has no choice, but do this. Well that’s where your wrong. She is/was most likely an intern at a PR/Stylist Firm/Showroom that is being sent out for the daily runs.

Thankfully when I was an intern I didn’t really have to go running around with sample bags. The thing I did have to do was pack those damn bags.

I remember entering the samples on Fashion GPS, pulling them off the wooden hangers, putting them in plastic hangers, making sure everything is in the same bag, printing out the summary, writing the label, and taking it downstairs.

You may ask, “All that for a sample send out?” It’s not just a sample send out, it’s the chance to get your brand featured in press. Whether it’s going to Vogue, GQ, or maybe just a small stylist, every sample send out is important.

People always ask me, “How do you land so many internships? You’re only 19.”

I usually answer them with, “I work for them.”

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Street Style Fav’s from New York Fashion Week

Greetings from Chicago. I wish I could say that I’m in New York at the moment. The frenzy has begun, well since Thursday, and the street style blogs are poppin’. Above is probably my favorite the street style photograph that has been taken from this season (so far!). The photograph is taken from one of the most prestige street style photographers out there, Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist.

The contrast between the patterns, colors, and people in the photo is just breathtaking. Scott never fails to impress. Below are some of my street style fav’s from this Spring & Summer 2012 New York Fashion Week.

Why not grab a photo between cab rides? I mean it is NYFW. 
Photo Courtesy of The Sartorialist
Proenza Schouler at it’s best.
Photo Courtesy of Chicago Street Style

 WERQing the Karen Walker Bunnies. 

Photo Courtesy of Street Peeper
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Who is a New Yorker? Luis’s Observations of New Yorkers – #1

hm vneck, levi skinnies, girl with a dragon tattoo cardigan,
zara faux leather, doc marten cutouts, alexander wang rocco bag

One thing I told my mother before saying my last goodbyes was that I’ll never turn into a New Yorker. Now you may ask ‘Who is a New Yorker?’ or ‘What kind of people are considered New Yorkers?’ I decided that every week I will dedicated a post to what I see on the streets of New York and hopefully by the end of the summer come up with a list of qualifications of being a New Yorker. Well, from living in Manhattan for about a month and a couple days here is my first find.

1. Black is New Yorker’s favorite color.

Photo Courtesy of The Sartorialist

No matter how many color options that are out there, black is a stable in any New Yorker’s wardrobe. Rather be decked out in head to toe black or simply wearing some black pants and a white t-shirt. Black makes you look skinnier, according to some of my New Yorker co-workers.

It’s funny because in my previous post I mentioned that I barely have anything in black or white. I’m a huge color fanatic and before coming to New York, my friend Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style told me that New York can be really dull. Since she constantly is surrounded around Chicagoans, she mentioned that Chicagoans definitely love their color. I have to totally agree with her.

If I’m wearing an all black outfit, I love to pair it with at least one pop of color or POC. In this outfit above, I threw in a Topshop skull necklace to give the outfit a little bit of substance.

Photo Courtesy of The Sartoralist

You can also spice up an all black outfit with a bold jacket and crisp white shirt or throw in a statement skirt and a pair of Louboutins to stand out of the crowd.

Photo Courtesy of Chicago Street Style

I feel like everyone always says that you can’t go wrong with an all black outfit, but I have to disagree. Sometimes you just have to dare to be different rather than playing it safe.

Especially in New York since there are swarms of people trying to do the same thing you’re doing. I’ve never noticed how many people actually live in New York from different backgrounds, yet have very similar qualifications.

So watch out New Yorkers, I have my eye on you. 

Outfit Photos Courtesy of Majestic Disorder

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