Moving to New York City…or What I Call A Disaster

After a week of trying to get everything perfected, I’m finally settled into my lovely apartment in New York. I know one of the first questions that pops into mind is, Are you having the time of your life yet? Well, let’s say it’s a totally different experience.

It all started on Thursday, April 26th when Kelley & I headed to the airport. We’ve been thinking about this trip since we booked the tickets and the day had finally come. As we checked our bags into the airport, I ended up bringing 4 luggages, 1 carry-on, and my Furla Candy Bag. You might be thinking that I’m crazy, but I believe that I actually under packed.

Our first terrible experienced happened when I ended up putting Kelley’s makeup bag in my carry-on. She told me before getting to the airport to put it on the checked luggage, but since there was so much going on… I put it in our carry-on luggage.

Big mistake #1.

I finally realized after checking in all my bags that I put the makeup bag in my carry-on and ended up having to shell out the extra cash to check the bag in.

After that disaster happened, we noticed the employees that were working at Midway airport aren’t the nicest people in the morning or maybe period. 

Kelley and I were exhausted, since we didn’t get to sleep for the past two days, and it just so happened that when we arrived it would be our busiest day.

Finally arriving to La Guardia Airport at around 8:30 AM, we took our luggage (which was one of the biggest struggles ever) and tried to find a cab driver. We asked the taxi dispatcher if she could grab us a cab and she sighed.  She had to be one of the rudest girls I’ve ever met.

Luckily she got us a cab and we were headed into the lovely Manhattan. The plans were to drop our stuff at the apartment quickly, head to Upper Westside for floor trial to Lush and then rush over to SoHo to the same. It was insanity, yet I made it happen until Kelley’s phone died.

She ended up tweeting me & used Facebook to tell me to meet up at the same Starbucks we split up at. Thankfully we found each other safely or it would’ve been one of hell of a crap show.

After all the chaos happened, we had to stop at Target to grab an elevated air mattress to sleep on and some goodies. One thing I reminded from my experience at Target was that everyone were, once again, extremely rude besides one lovely lady checking us out.

If there is something I would say about New York vs. Chicago is that New Yorkers are not the nicest people compared to Midwestern gals & guys.

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