Friday, May 11, 2012

Adventures in New York City With Some Bloggers

topman varsity jacket, hm plaid shirt, marc jacobs jeans, hm boots, cambridge satchel 
While I was in New York for fashion week in February, I attended an event called Bloggers Night Out where bloggers from around the country and celebrated fashion week. I met tons of lovely bloggers, but there was one lovely girl that strike me most. Naina, who is the blogger behind Sidewalk Catwalks, was such a doll at the event. I ended up exchanging cards with her and when she found out that I was moving to New York for the summer we had to meet up.
We decided to meet up at Lord and Taylor after a bloggers conference, which I couldn't get tickets to sadly. She ended up introducing me to some of her blogger friends and we then decided to venture off to the NARS counter to pick out some product.
While all of her blogger friends disappeared throughout the numerous of levels at Lord and Taylor, Andrea (who is one of Naina's friends and the blogger behind, A Life in the Day of Andrea) decided to come with us.
I was stunned by Andrea's outfit because it was deeply inspired by menswear. I mean she almost looks better in menswear than I do. She is such a doll that is a New York native whom I deeply recommend checking out her adorable blog.
After much debate about whether Naina looked like a hooker in a vibrant pink lipstick from NARS, Naina and Andrea ended up getting some lovely cosmetics.
We ended up heading to Gregory's Coffee to grab a quick drink and end our adventures for the day since we were all exhausted.
On one last note Gregory's Coffee logo is so freakin' cute, plus their chai teas are da bomb


garde said...

love your outfit. the bag in orange is cool

Vanessa. said...

Love the pictures! Great adventure!


KAIIWONG said...

I like your bag !!


LC said...

love your satchel!

Liezyl Gomez said...

i love the bags, especially your satchel!

Trudie said...

Great pics.
I love catching up wth fellow bloggers, other bloggers get it this whole blogging thing. I've made some wonderful supportive friends.
Oh and I just want to say again how much a love that satchel, every time I see it I love it more and more.

Constance said...

oooh love this pictures! All of you have great outfit!

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