What I Wore: Black & White Adventures

(versace for h&m pants, vintage shirt, urban outfitters necklace, h&m oxfords, 
rayban glasses, alexander wang rocco bag) 

With the time flying by, I don’t even have time to think anymore. Its crazy how soon New York is coming up. I’ve been a lot of questions from relatives, friends, and family about whether I’m scared to be on my own.

The obvious answer, yes of course. I mean who won’t be? I also tell them that I’m ready for the challenge and I think its time for me to move on. I always tell people that I feel like I’m a 23 year old guy stuck in a 19 year old body.

The thing that I’m somewhat regretting about the trip is that I planned it a little bit too early. It seems like my finals are literally all the same day, because I decided to take them early.

Ah look at this way… right before taking all those gruesome finals, I get to start living in the Big Apple the next day. Yay or not. 

OH! I almost forgot to tell you guys that I will be headed to camp for Army ROTC tomorrow through Sunday.

Think package lunches, shooting riffles, launching grenades, obstacle courses, and of course getting dirty. I’m actually really excited to bond with my fellow ROTC cadets and experience the Army life. So if you guys don’t hear from me throughout the week/weekend you’ll know why.

Here’s the lovely girl behind the lens, Falin Huang. I’m sure you remember her from some of my earlier posts. She’s an amazing photographer and an even better friend.

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