Of course I enjoy doing style/outfit posts, but street style posts that include pictures that I have taken of other attendees is just as amazing. I love doing inspiration posts because not only do I gain inspiration from creating the posts, but I get to share who/what I look up to in the fashion world. 
This post is dedicated to the color and neons that were displayed in the attendees at New York Fashion Week. Also these pictures displayed the adventure that I experienced at my first New York Fashion Week. Let’s just say it’s a jungle out there.
From neon bags to bright red coats, here is my inspiration to you guys. 
Effortless mermaid skirt? To die for. 
What kind of guy doesn’t like a little spice to his socks?
Can anyone say a POC (Pop of Color)?
Patterned skirt & flats.. perfection. 
Loving every piece of her outfit, especially her JCrew floral patterned pants and Givenchy bag.

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  1. garde Reply

    like the first pic. and the man with the neon yellow carf…greta pic!!…and outfit


  2. Juliano Dias Reply

    I loved the blog, and their selection and also images. I loved the mix of prints and the contrasts between the looks. Hugs.


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