I know it’s been centuries since NYFW FW 2012 shows, but I finally received these pictures from the wonderful Emma from Tres Awesome (THANKS!). Make sure to check out her lovely Chicago Street Style blog and see how Chicagoans dress.

It’s so funny that the “fashion world” is so small in New York, because I literally bumped into Emma several times when we were waiting outside of the shows to shoot some street style. All I can say is that it is INSANE outside of the shows, especially the shows that every editor attends (aka Alexander Wang, Christian Sirano, ect..) I feel like pictures don’t do ANY justice to get the full feel of the insanity that goes on during NYFW.

 These pictures were taken on the second day I was in New York and man did I have a wonderful time. I ended up choosing an interesting outfit with my friend’s vintage Versace blazer, my insane Versace for H&M pants, h&m teal socks, cobalt blue Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater, vintage forest green shirt, Dr. Marten cutout boots, and Alexander Wang Rocco bag. DIE. DIE. DIE.

After running around the shows, I ended up doing a quick change and met up with Raijean from Swa-Rai  to head to the wonderful Bloggers Night Out event. It was crazy because we ended up meeting/seeing Jena from ChiCityFashion and Jessica from Bows & Sequins (who I adore so much). I had such a great time meeting tons of bloggers from around the country and of course I was one of the few guys who was there (I love that).

Photo Courtesy of Swa-Rai
Of course Raijean and Jessica look amazing and I’m looking the other way.. 
After that Raijean and I headed to a BBQ place that I can’t remember the name and it was delicious. T-minus 24 days till I move to New York!
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  1. Jualferx Reply

    Adore tus mensajes en mi blog, gracias por pasarte. El tuyo esta bien gamouroso y divertido. Feliz tiempo.

  2. Karli and Adriana Reply

    Your blog is amazing!!!! We met you at Lush today haha we are the girls you helped!!! Good luck in New York!!!

  3. Melanie Reply

    Cobalt blue sweater paired with teal socks? Blam! Great colour smash. I love your patterned trousers with the cutout patterning in your shoes too. Awesome look!

  4. Encarna Reply

    I’m glad that you are having a good time in one of the best cities in the world, make the most of yor time in New York!
    kisses from spain

  5. Kirsty Reply

    thanks for visiting my blog earlier, im so jealous your moving to NYC, unfortunately being British I don’t have that pleasure but I am off there in October I cannot wait! x

  6. garde Reply

    you have an unique style. i am a new follower. you are unique. hope you like my style too….


  7. Catherine Reply

    Thanks ♥♥

    Great outfit, the neon socks are perfect with this outfit !

    & I want your glasses *.*


    darling, you are holding my dream bag – alexander wang’s Rocco. You look fabulous as always!

    xx Heidi Caterina


  9. Hallie Reply

    You look great, boo! Sad to hear you are moving to NY, but I’ll be there in September. We need to take that lunch date we’re so overdue on :)

    xo Hallie

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