Photo Courtesy of Majestic Disorder

Last Wednesday two of my favorite street style photographers, Amy Creyer from Chicago Street Style and Emma Arnold from Tres Awesome, hosted a huge celebration for the new CS Magazine and Topshop collaboration.

Amy decked out in head to toe Topshop, besides her Christian Louboutins.

I was lucky enough to be dressed in an Aztelier AZZA customized blazer. You MUST check out the brand. The designer has been featured in Vogue India and many other publications. A pop of color with some studs? I’m in love already.

Photo Courtesy of Majestic Disorder

I finally caved into buying the last Furla Candy Bag that they had in this gorgeous “Anice” color. I call it my Internship bag, because it’s so heavy duty that I can just throw it around.

Closeup of some Amy’s picks from Topshop – GLITTER EVERYWHERE.

At the event there were tons of chic Chicagoans shopping some of this season’s trendiest + hottest clothes. Pretty much I wanted to buy everything.

I was so glad to see one of my lovely friends and uh-mazing designer, Shelby Steiner. She was rocking some skyscraper Jeffrey Campbells, obviously.

Of course I had to grab a picture with the girls behind Aztelier AZZA, Cousin, Azeeza Desai Khan, Me, and Zeenat Desai. All the ladies and myself are wearing Aztelier AZZA

As I was working my way through the party I noticed the cute girl wearing neon shoes & a neon lining shirt. I pretty much died when I saw her. She told me that her name is Bianca and she blogs for Avant Blargh. Let’s just say that I’m obsessed with her blog now.

With over 1000 attendees, the party ended up being a huge success for CS Magazine and Topshop/Topman. I’ll leave you guys with a picture of one of my favorite attendees at the event. I think his name was London. So CHIC.

and his UNIF Hellraisers..

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  1. Nicole Reply

    I am so mad I couldn’t make it to this! You have quite a fab recap though. And excited to check out Aztelier AZZA!

  2. Lauren Reply

    I love everything about this post. The glitter and sequins, all of the colors, Jeffrey Campbells, that London guys’ jacket and SHOES, I even like his name.
    And, of course, I LOVE your outfit! Especially your blazer!
    I hope New York is wonderful!! :)

  3. Melanie Reply

    I love what you have on – citrus and studs! With that bubblegum blue bag. Perfection! Those J. Campbell shoes, want, need…with a glitter skirt on the side.


    The most stunning jacket ever, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You have just blown my mind aways, Luis your are IT.

  5. Amanda. Reply

    Luis! I saw you at the party but you were looking fabulously busy schmoozing away in your awesome studded, orange blazer!

    I didn’t know if you would have remembered meeting me at the CS Brides event with Kendall a few months ago or not, but I’ve become so addicted to looking at your blog I had to say something!

    Definitely got you on my blog roll cutie!

    xxxxx Amanda

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