As you guys know it was my first time that I went to NYFW and boy was it overwhelming. I never thought that there would be swamps of people just waiting to get their picture snapped. Obviously those are the people that I didn’t get their pictures.

Here are a few my shots from the second day of New York Fashion Week through my eyes! I’m such a huge fan of taking candid shots, especially when the subject notices after you take the shot.

I’m obsessed with this guy’s collar. I mean metallic purple? LOVE. Plus I love how he’s giving me the death stare.

I was totally in awe when I saw this lady’s studded oxfords.
This skirt is to die for. She looked like the Little Mermaid (in a good way!)
Valentino studded kitten heels? I’m sold. 

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  1. nil Reply

    Darn it, I’m so jealous right now, you have no idea! NYFW, whooaa :)

    Loving the shots! What gorgeousness!

  2. Melanie Reply

    I can feel the excitement in the air from your photos – all fantastic pics. You have so many people to choose from! Snap away!! We need a picture of you too.

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