Monday, March 19, 2012

The Internship and 300 Goodie Bags Later..

(vintage oxford shirt, h&m pants, melissa oxfords, topshop necklace, cambridge satchel, rayban glasses)

The last few days have been insane, whether it's from attending the Chicago Blogger Network's St. Patty's event, working, or even stuffing tons of goodie bags, I'm still alive.
I seriously can't believe that I've been interning for Modern Luxury (CS Magazine) for close to a year. I've done everything from running magazines to clients to packing tons of goodie bags, it's been an amazing experience.
It's funny to see peoples' reactions when I tell them about how I've been interning since I was 18 (their face drop instantly). Although I've had some bumps throughout the last year, (people telling me that I'm wasting my youth, because I'm not going to get hired) I just ignore those comments and keep on moving forward. Who knows, they might be jealous? 
I decided to put together this simple, yet somewhat colorful outfit within 5 minutes before leaving. I feel like my best outfits are always the ones that I do 10-15 minutes before actually leaving for an event/work/school.
My mini arm party. 

I know you guys must be thinking, Why is he is not working a jacket? Well, let's just say that over the past 2-3 weeks Chicago has turned into a volcano. Maybe not a volcano, but super close to it. Good bye jackets, hello shorts. 


Cátia Rodrigues said...

I love your look Luis, as usual! You are such an inspiration :)

Meagan Murtagh said...

arm parties are the best parties!!!

xo the egg out west.

Nicole said...

Love the color combo of the shirt and the bag!!!! You look ready to take on the world!

Melanie said...

I love the colour combination too. The finishing touch is that delicious neon citrus bag. The bangles and necklace are also wonderful! For me too, it's the running-out-the-door looks that I love most.

sacramento said...

Love, love, love, dear Luis, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Trudie said...

I've just discovered your blog through Sacramento's who I only just discovered too.

I love your blog, I love what you're doing, I love your determination to keep moving forward, I love this outfit, I especially love the satchel.

Following you now.

KorasVictory said...

Probably they are jealous... I am a bit too. I love your look, the bag is stunning. And I agree most of the times the best outfits are the not so planned ones :)

Boy urbandchic by Jhect said...

love this bag!!!!!

Have a nice day!


lorenzo botto said...

love your bag :) go to my blog :)

Theposhstyler said...



Catherine said...

Thanks ! :*

This outfit is amazing, I love your bag & the color combination :)

Kisses ♥♥

Cilla B said...

Congratulations on making it a Year as an Intern. Keeping doing your thing and pay less attention to negative comments

Giorgio Schimmenti. said...


I'm waiting for you on my blog,



Vanessa. said...

You're an inspiration! I always love your looks and I always love your pictures!

indie by heart said...

I think there's no harm in doing internships, those just gain you more and more experience - and eventually some place will notice your talent & you'll get the dream job ! ^^ I keep my hopes up.

Have a great weekend Luis,

- Indie by Heart

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