Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Bloggie & Me

To think that I'm no longer a baby hurts me. Okay maybe I am still a little youngin', but I'm not 18 anymore. It sucks, because I can no longer use the excuse.. well I'm only 18 (hah!)
It's crazy to imagine hitting my 1 year anniversary of Chic Overload (ChiCityTrends). The site has grown so much since the beginning and over such a short amount of time. I seriously couldn't do it without you guys.

Here's a quick glance of my life through Instagram pictures..
 First time going to New York, thanks to H&M.  
 My life as an intern! 
My first year of college. Oh what an adventure. 

Meeting the gorgeous Olivia Palermo and seeing my editor, Shani Silver, at Topshop (uh-mazing). 

First major bag purchase and I'm loving it. 
One of my best friends who I can't live without. 
My intense life as an Army ROTC student. 
My gorgeous lover forever and ever. 
 My #1 best friend, Buddy. 
A night out that I'll never forget.
She's incredible, beautiful, and I can't live without her.

 Wine night, swedish fish, and The Devil Wears Prada = one of my besties.

Cheers to bigger and better things (and me getting older, ew!)


Cátia Rodrigues said...

Happy birthday my dear! I hope you'll have a great year!

sacramento said...

Happy birthday to you and your blog. You are both gorgeous, and the BEST is still to come, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Outside Looking In said...

Happy Birthday!


Riikka said...

Happy birthday ♥

The White List said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you had a brilliant day!!!!

Gervin Macey said...

Happu birthday Luis! Hope you had a blast!!!

gina said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary!

gina said...
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Mr kane said...

Happy Birthday! and Happy Anniversary!

All the best"
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