To think that I’m no longer a baby hurts me. Okay maybe I am still a little youngin’, but I’m not 18 anymore. It sucks, because I can no longer use the excuse.. well I’m only 18 (hah!)

It’s crazy to imagine hitting my 1 year anniversary of Chic Overload (ChiCityTrends). The site has grown so much since the beginning and over such a short amount of time. I seriously couldn’t do it without you guys.

Here’s a quick glance of my life through Instagram pictures..

 First time going to New York, thanks to H&M.  
 My life as an intern! 
My first year of college. Oh what an adventure. 

Meeting the gorgeous Olivia Palermo and seeing my editor, Shani Silver, at Topshop (uh-mazing). 

First major bag purchase and I’m loving it. 
One of my best friends who I can’t live without. 
My intense life as an Army ROTC student. 
My gorgeous lover forever and ever. 
 My #1 best friend, Buddy. 
A night out that I’ll never forget.
She’s incredible, beautiful, and I can’t live without her.

 Wine night, swedish fish, and The Devil Wears Prada = one of my besties.

Cheers to bigger and better things (and me getting older, ew!)

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  1. sacramento Reply

    Happy birthday to you and your blog. You are both gorgeous, and the BEST is still to come, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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