Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday Suit at Freds in Barneys NY

 (h&m denim shirt, marc by marc jacobs cardigan, members only jacket, levis khakis, 
lanvin trainers, lanvin for h&m sunglasses, marc jacobs bow tie, alexander wang rocco bag) 

I can't believe I'm finally 19. I feel like an old man (okay maybe not) but close to it. I celebrated my birthday with some of friends that I can't live without. Kendall who as you all know is so adorable and Kelley who I met when I worked at Lush Armitage and now are really good friends.
We started out the day of course working our butts off. I had to finish up some articles for school, Kendall works at a PR firm as an account executive assistant (sounds important), and Kelley was doing some freelance work for an India magazine (so chic!).
We decided to meet up at Fred's at Barneys around 1:45 PM, then we pushed it to 2:00 PM, then 2:15 PM, and finally 2:30 PM. It seems like plans can NEVER be stable.. stupid public transportation.
  Kendall & I decided to get the margherita pizza, which I recommend everyone to try at some point, and Kelley got Basil & Fennel soup (looked amazing). Of course they gave us a variety of breads to start out with, which if you guys know.. I'm addicted to bread.
 After nomin' on the pizza, I got surprised with a lovely vanilla creme brulee from Kelley and Kendall. It was probably one of the best deserts I've ever had (and I hate deserts).
After eating my wonderful birthday lunch, we decided to "window shop" around Barneys. Of course I wanted to buy the Balenciaga Arena bracelet, but since I came up shopping for Lent.. I couldn't. Oh well, it saved me from spending $215.

Overall I had a wonderful birthday and just want to thank my friends for being amazing. 


Pich and Roor said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend you Birthday! You loo very handsome & I'm so JEALOUSSSS of your A. Wang bag :)

Emanuel I. said...

Happy Fashionistic Birthday my bro'!
I'm already following you, I trully like your style!

Mesmerize said...

thank you so much for visit me and lovely comment:) s great outfits - love these photos!

nil said...

Awh! Looks like a gorgeous birthday to me, and what gorgeous people! =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I keep hopping on to yours from time to time, and I figured I love it too much. So there you go, following you up! =)
I sure do hope to see you around my page just as much and keep in touch! You bring in fabulous fashion!


Femke. said...

Sounds like a great birthday, happy belated birthday to you! ;)!

And thanks for your sweet comments! Hahahah they were hilarious :D, please dont have a heartattack for my shoes ;) hahah!!


christian said...

your so cute! really like that bow!

Minna said...

Great outfit Luis and cool sunnies! 8) The pizza looked good too... :D

StyleKULTUR said...

Thanks for your comment! I like your blog! Great look! I´m your new follower! :-)

Men Trend said...

Any age above 18 is old! (we know that's not true, but still ;-) )

Great blogpost, your friends look fun and we hope you had a lovely birthday! Congrats!

We love your blog too, following!

See you, Nino & Christophe of Men Trend

Encarna said...

Happy birthday! but let me tell you that you are so young.....i hardly remember when I turned 19 years old..anyway now I'm wiser!!hehehehh
Love your outfit and your friends seem very friendly
Kisses from spain

Fleur d'air said...

I really love your look! And that pictures are fantastic :)

FAshiOnistA ErA said...

you've got nice style and thanks for your visit :)

Joseph Dang said...

I want your bag!

Naina said...

Are you in NY right now?!

halfwhiteboy said...

nice outfit, luis.
thanks for dropping by my blog :)

euphoricfashion said...

You all look super adorable! And I love all of the different styles!! Keep it up! :) I am def following you, come follow and check out the progress of my vegan shoe line :) xoxo MUMU

Nino Reyzky said...

wow i love your outfit, your bow tie also!
you have a very good sense of fashion.
i'm following your blog, mind to follow back?

Style, She Wrote said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday indeed! Love your Wang bag -- so amazing! xo style, she wrote

katieli said...

Ahhh Happy birthday!! you looks so handsome! That bow tie is too perfect!

nehasdomain1 said...

thanks for the comment.Wishing you a very happy birthday,luis.Have a great year.

Cátia Rodrigues said...

You look amazing as usual my dear and your girl looks awesome too! I wish you the greatest year of all and I want to know all the news :)

Laura and Romy @ MIXT said...

Happy belated birthday! You got a great blog. I like the bow, and your whole outfit!

sacramento said...

You look so gorgeous, old man of 19, lol.

Alex Vega said...

I have 19! don't say you feel like a old man:( hahah

nice blog!

have a nice day!

Beauty Follower said...

NIce outfits,
yummy pizza,
want some tarte too!

Happy and creative birthday to you!

Plami said...

Well happy birthdays! Have an amazing year! Your outfit is really great!

Thank you for being so sweet to me! I also cannot wait to wear the dress I made but it's still too cold over here


Style Diaries said...

that jacket. i so love it

Clara Turbay said...

muy cool!

Chloé B said...

I love your blog and you're so stylish :-)


Fabiana said...

I'm really jealous about your bag!Nice way to spend the birthday! :)

Zeebs said...

I hit 20. I feel ancient.

But then I remember that I'm mentally eight.

Oh and- happy birthday!! May they only get better


(Casually dawdled on your blog for the first time while aimlessly stalking)

Jualferx said...

Que buena entrada, espectaculares fotografías. Feliz tiempo.

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