Packing It Up To New York

As the days fly by, New York comes closer. T-minus 3 days.. well more like 2 days, but still super close.

I’m usually the person who waits till the morning of the flight to pack. Not this time. So I start out with around half my shoes.. aka 15 pairs.

 Then I slowly narrowed it down to 6, which is extremely hard especially when you are going to New York Fashion Week. Here are 3 essential shoes guys should bring when traveling.

1. Trainers

 Lanvin Trainers

These are definitely the #1 pair that any guy should wear to the airport and/or bring in their luggage. Everyone should own a chic pair of trainers that can be worn with dark denim and a nice plaid button up. Think comfortable, without putting those ugly New Balance running shoes on.

2. Oxfords

Hudson Oxfords
#2 essential pair. When heading out for a night out, these are the perfect shoes to pair with a nice pair of tailored dress pants and an oxford shirt. I feel like every guy should always have some kind of dress shoes in their luggage, because you never know where you’ll be headed in the night.
3. Boots 
Dr. Marten Applique Boots
#3 Essential Show. Although my boots have cutouts in it. Boots are important for any crazy weather that could happen when traveling. It may be gorgeous in New York one day, but the next day could be snowing. Be prepared.
Of course since I’m different, I have to bring at least 4-6 pairs of shoes just in case there’s a fashion emergency. 

Above is a little preview of some accessories that I’ll be taking to New York. Love me some bow ties, bracelets, and necklaces.

So far I’ve packed my shoes and accessories. Now I’m exhausted and will hopefully pack my clothes tomorrow.

But I think my signature piece will be this hat…

Okay maybe not.
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