New York Fashion Week Part 2 – Everything I Dreamed Of.

In my last post I forgot to mention one of the main reasons why I came to New York.. my meeting with PR of Topman, Michael Zakrzewski for a possible internship. Although I forgot to bring my camera on this journey, I’m going to show you some of the street style pictures that I took at Lincoln Center that day!

Pretty much obsessed with his looks, especially those shoes.

I had scheduled my appointment with Michael at 2:00 PM promptly and throughout the entire day I was shaking. I couldn’t help to think that this internship could drastically change my life. I mean interning for a huge company known worldwide at the age of 19 (my birthday is coming up) would be a dream.

As I headed to Soho, I stopped at Opening Ceremony where I pretty much drooled at everything that was hanging on the racks. I was so mad that the Christopher Kane cardigan that was on sale was sold to another lucky customer two days before I got there. :( Although I didn’t end up getting anything, I have been eying this cute Muppets x Opening Ceremony sweater.

It was around 1:55 PM and I rushed to the huge Topshop/Topman store that was located on Broadway. I ended up finding out that the offices were the next door down. I remember looking at my watch and almost screaming because it was 1:59 PM.. I mean being late for a meeting with a huge PR guy is definitely not a good first impression.

I ran the doorbell, a cute receptionist responded and finally let me in.. after trying about 2-3 times of course. Right away I noticed a sketchy elevator and entered it without even knowing it..

Entering into the waiting room an adorable receptionist who was dressed up like Emily from Devil Wears Prada asked what I was here for? I told her I had a meeting with Michael and right when I said that there Michael is.

The rest is pretty much history. Everything was gorgeous and throughout my entire trip I couldn’t stop thinking about the offices overlooking SoHo.

Once leaving the offices, I ended up waiting for a couple days to decided if Topman was right for me. Let’s just say I ended up accepting the internship and will be in New York for the summer. I died.

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