New York Fashion Week – Part 1

 Photo Courtesy of Monsieur Jerome

As I looked through Vogue, Elle, Mr.Newton, The Sartorialist, and Jak & Jil, I’ve always dreamed of going to New York Fashion Week. From looking at street style websites, it seems like everyone is always dress to impress and that people appreciate the minor details that go into anyone’s outfit.

That dream turned into a reality.

It all started with having one of the most wonderful times in the airplane ride. I met these three wonderful ladies who seemed so electrified to go to New York for their Girls Weekend Trip. From there on, I knew I was going to have an amazing trip.

Once getting off the plane and getting my baggage, which was surprisingly super quick, I decided to take a risk and take public transportation to Lincoln Center. I’ve done it once before, but was still totally shaky on whether I remembered how to get there or not. I thought to myself, why waste $30 when I can just take public transportation for like $5.

 (topman shirt & pants, topshop coat, tuxedo bow tie, karen walker bunny sunglasses, wool socks,
 mr. b’s for aldos oxfords, cambridge satchel)

Thankfully I ended up meeting this amazing mother on the M60 bus headed towards 126st (I think) and she guided me towards the N train. From there I was finally standing in the heart of the city, Columbus Circle.

I noticed that there was a huge mall that contained J.Crew, Hugo Boss, and much more. I stopped in to look for some bracelet and J.Crew had this cute little friendship bracelet for $5. I had to get it.

As I started heading on my journey to Lincoln Center, I recognized that people were constantly staring me done. I mean I was only wearing neon, right?

From there on I was stopped by multiple people for pictures. I felt like I was in heaven. The first guy who stopped me was the photographer for Monsieur Jerome, who was extremely kind. Mind you that I had my luggage still with me. The picture came out incredible.

I finally met my roommates for my weekend, Megan and Sam.. who I love so much. Their phenomenal, especially when they wore their Litas everywhere. You do that in Chicago, and people would think your some kind of hooker. But who cares what other people think.

I finally put my luggage in their rooms, grabbed some Starbucks, and hung out at Lincoln Center for a little bit. Funny thing that we were all featured on the New York Times (if you haven’t seen my previous post before).

The rest of the day we just hung out and walked around. Let’s just say, it was an amazing way to start off my dream trip.
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