Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marni For H&M Goes Big & Men's + Women's Lookbook

 Photos Courtesy of HM & Nitrolicious

On February 17, 2012 Marni for H&M threw a small celebration for the release of the Marni for H&M collection that will be on the loose on March 8.
Marni for H&M allows women and men who aren’t always willing to go out of their comfort zone to wear bold, yet simple patterns that pleases everybody.

Guests ranged from Wendy from Nitrolicious to Drew Barrymore, most rocking pieces from the new collaboration.
I’m personally a huge fan of Marni, because of the effortless pattern clashing that goes a long with the brand. Being a huge fan of color, African inspired patterns, and tailored silhouettes - Marni brings all of those elements to the table.
Now the question is will you be waiting outside the lines for Marni for H&M or are you not impressed by the collection? 
Here's the Lookbook: Marni for H&M Men's x Women



Heidi said...

I can't wait for this to come to the stores!

Fabiana said...

I love so much this collection!!!I can't wait!


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Encarna said...

beautiful collection! I would love to buy some from the collection!

nehasdomain1 said...

Great Post!

Style Diaries said...

i so want to get a piece from this collaboration

InĂªs de Castro said...

I will wait for sure :D

StaceyP said...
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StaceyP said...

I think I enjoy the Men's collection more than the Women's ! lol

FAshiOnistA ErA said...

i agree! the collection is gorgeous for sure!! really like your blog,do drop by mine. wanna follow thru GFC if u like will follow back:))

I have a worldwide perfume giveaway planned in a weeks make sure to drop by and dont miss it!

andieclark said...

These ladies are so fab and chic! Their accessories are so nice and flashy as if they were made by the jewelers in nyc.

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