Reality Check

 (hm tshirt, akira blazer, volcom chinos, versace for hm necklace, hm boots, a. wang rocco bag, lanvin for hm sunglasses)

Tonight I received an unexpected call from my wonderful friend, Amy Creyer *(Crey-ar).* She told me that it’s time for me to settle down and enjoy life.

It was my reality check. 

Having a friend take the time to tell me that I must enjoy my college years and tell me not to make the same mistakes as her made me feel like someone cared about me. It gave me the sense of warmth that I’ve been needing for a while.

College hasn’t been the best experience that I’ve had. UIC isn’t for me. The people, the vibe, the cliches, the academics, the environment, everything isn’t me. Maybe that’s why I’ve been working my butt off?

Although I’m not a super religious person, when you get super sick.. someone or something trying to tell you something.

It was my reality check.

There are times where I’m constantly stress out about what will happen in the future. Sometimes I question myself.. “Why worry about the future? I’m only 18.” Then I think about how fast time flys.

What I want to do isn’t an easy job. PR is all about networking, knowing the right people, establishing a name/image, and working your butt off to the top. Some people are able to born into riches, but most have to struggle their way up to the top… especially fashion PR.

I want to be successful in life.
I want to be that kid that came from a middle class family to possibly the next VP of a major PR firm.
But most importantly, I want to make my parents proud.

Do I really want to die at the age of 30? I surely don’t, but if I keep up the insane habits that I currently do then maybe I will. Such a dark thing to say, but it’s true.

This year is all about taking care of myself. It’s all about focusing on relaxing and enjoying my youth as it passes by.

It’s crazy to think that I’m already on my 2nd semester of college. Boy does college fly by.

It was my reality check. 

All Photos Courtesy of Amy Creyer, Chicago Street Style
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