The Girl with a Hidden Agenda

 As I lay in my bed with some sort of flu/cold/disease, I think about how I have not updated my blog for a little bit.

With how fast the holidays flew by and now we’re finally in the month of January.. I think its time to post this picture.

I took this picture when I went to the Dani L. Designs event that one of my friends hosted (pictures will be posted promptly), but it was this single attendee that caught my eye. Once I approached her we talked about what she does/has done/looking for/ect ect ect.

1. She’s a model. (No wonder why she’s so gorgeous.)
2. She’s a writer.
3. She’s interned for Marc Jacobs. (JEALOUS)
4. She’s perfection.. (okay maybe not perfect, but close to it.)

Anyways, here she is..

I’ll leave it to your imagination to guess where she’ll be in the future ~~

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