Dark Furry Monster

(hm vneck, american apparel harem pants, dr. marten cutout boots, topshop jacket, karen walker sunglasses, lots of bracelets)

The past week has been insane, whether it was running from job to job or staying up all night to complete homework; I’m exhausted.

Pretty much that means that school is finally back in action, sadly.

I question myself everyday while I sit in class why I am taking 18 credit hours. Some people would say I’m bizarre, but I just call myself an overachiever.

The outfit above represents the negativity that I’ve been experiencing throughout the week. It seems like I’ve either been spending too much money or people are constantly sick getting sick in my family. All I can say is I have a shopping problem.

With New York slowly approaching in February.. oh wait I haven’t told you guys yet. Well let’s just say that I will be heading to New York from February 9th through the 12th for internship meetings, friends, shopping, and my future. This trip will determine whether I will be moving to New York in May and transferring schools. One thing I can say is that I’m extremely nervous.

Although I love Chicago, I think I’m ready for a change. A big change. 
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