New York Is MY Life & Dream

My trip to New York was seriously one of the biggest eye openers for me. I got to experience walking down 5th avenue seeing Versace, Michael Kors, Bergdoff’s Goodman, and much more. It made me feel like a kid walking through the gates of Disneyland screaming how he/she wants to meet Mickey Mouse.

All I can say is I almost balled my eyes out.

Instantly I felt like I was at home.

I was disappointed when I got back home to Chicago that I really didn’t take many pictures. I feel like I was so overwhelmed that I just wanted to take everything in, and I did.

The reason why I came to New York was for the Versace for H&M.

On Saturday I ended up visiting NYU and NYiT. Let’s just say that NYU has one of the best campuses in the nation. It’s GORGEOUS. After looking at my cost for next year, I ended up decided that NYU is way over my budget. A boy can dream though?

I couldn’t find NYiT so I asked these two adorable girls Megan and Samantha. I found out that they are actually from Illinois and are attending Fordham University, which is right across from NYiT. They directed me to where I had to gowhich was literally two steps away and I was off.

The picture is of me and the conductor who was saying that I looked like Michael Jackson, because of my Lanvin for H&M metallic oxfords. LOVE HIM!

Here’s the craziness at the pre-shopping event for Versace for H&M. Finally I got to meet the mastermind behind Versace for H&M, Jennifer Ward, who is the PR girl for H&M.

Pretty much my trip ends here. I literally had so much fun and I will be back for the summer.

New York, 
I love you.


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