My trip to New York was seriously one of the biggest eye openers for me. I got to experience walking down 5th avenue seeing Versace, Michael Kors, Bergdoff’s Goodman, and much more. It made me feel like a kid walking through the gates of Disneyland screaming how he/she wants to meet Mickey Mouse.

All I can say is I almost balled my eyes out.

Instantly I felt like I was at home.

I was disappointed when I got back home to Chicago that I really didn’t take many pictures. I feel like I was so overwhelmed that I just wanted to take everything in, and I did.

The reason why I came to New York was for the Versace for H&M.

On Saturday I ended up visiting NYU and NYiT. Let’s just say that NYU has one of the best campuses in the nation. It’s GORGEOUS. After looking at my cost for next year, I ended up decided that NYU is way over my budget. A boy can dream though?

I couldn’t find NYiT so I asked these two adorable girls Megan and Samantha. I found out that they are actually from Illinois and are attending Fordham University, which is right across from NYiT. They directed me to where I had to gowhich was literally two steps away and I was off.

The picture is of me and the conductor who was saying that I looked like Michael Jackson, because of my Lanvin for H&M metallic oxfords. LOVE HIM!

Here’s the craziness at the pre-shopping event for Versace for H&M. Finally I got to meet the mastermind behind Versace for H&M, Jennifer Ward, who is the PR girl for H&M.

Pretty much my trip ends here. I literally had so much fun and I will be back for the summer.

New York, 
I love you.


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  1. indie by heart Reply

    Cool, i wish I would have been there too! Looks like awesome.. And seems like you found pretty great things to shop ;)

    Thanks so much for your comment. I only follow via Bloglovin’ :) If you follow me, and your blog is there, I can follow back.

    Have an amazing weekend,
    xx indie by heart

  2. The Fancy Lady Reply

    thanks for coming to check out my blog!
    this makes me wanna pop over to the city for some shopping lol i almost forget sometimes how fun nyc is im only a 15 min train ride away and you take it for granted sometimes

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