Lunch Dates

Some days I just think about how lucky I am to be living the life that I’m currently living. I mean what 18 year old boy can say that they intern for CS Magazine and Refinery29, work at Lush Cosmetics, in the Army ROTC, goes to school full time, and has his own blog?

Not many.

(thrifted oxford shirt, thrifted blazer, volcom pants, american apparel bow tie, marc by marc jacobs bag, h&m shoes)

I’m also fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family who continue to support my decisions. I remember I ran up to Amy Creyer at the CFF Scholarship Event and said, “You’re Amy Creyer from Chicago Street Style? Oh my gosh I follow you on twitter.” From then on, we’ve grown to become really good friends. Not only fashion friends but friends.

I love her to death & our lunch dates on Tuesday. She’s a girl that everyone loves and will continue to love forever.

 I continue to imagine where/what I’ll be doing in 5 years. Will I be a PR executive or will I fail completely?

 Time will only tell.

First Photo Courtesy of Amy Creyer, Chicago Street Style.

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