Monday, November 21, 2011

The Big Boy is Here...well Kiehl's

Finally the wait is over, Kiehl’s opened their doors on November 17th allowing customers to shop at their very first Midwest Flagship store in The Shops at North Bridge, on Michigan Avenue. The shop is suppose to mirror what New York Flagship store has, but of course Chicago will do it better (always).
Kiehl’s, which is known for their efficacious skin, hair and body care products, will be celebrating their 160th anniversary with the opening of their two story venue, where guests can be plastered on the store’s wall with hundreds of other guests. I mean they have their own photo booth for god sake.
Sticking to Kiehl’s iconic look, there will be a scale replica of a bi-plane, which was originally owned by Mr. Aaron Morse, a second-generation family member who led the company to its successful ways in the 1960s. A company with a growing history = amazing.

I think that Kiehl’s couldn’t have opened at a more perfect time, because with their custom gifting. Customers will be allowed to build their own gifts, with a specific price point, ingredients, theme, and much more. LOVE IT.
So make sure you guys stop by and check out the to-die-for Chicago Flagship store located on Michigan Avenue!

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