I decided to call up my friend Leilani from Thriftaholic.net to come have a cup of coffee with me, because I haven’t seen her since the blogger meet up at the Randolph Street Market. She is one of the kindest person that I’ve ever met. I asked her if she could show me around the Wicker Park and to point out any must do’s.

Can anyone say pole dancing or maybe this is just a sexier way to call a taxi?
Pole Dancing
(guess flannel, levis skinny khakis, vintage express belt, h&m sandals, mossimo bag, and karen walker butler sunglasses.)

I love Wicker Park because of the gorgeous artwork surrounding the area, the locals, and the amazing boutiques. Some of my favorites are Marc by Marc Jacobs, Eskell, Buffalo Exchange, and Una Mae’s, Joe Jean’s, and Free People.

Beauty Bike
Some of the prettiest things are sometimes the most random.
Raise the Roof.
All I can think of when I see this picture is, RAISE THE ROOF.

Leilani decided to show me to Filter, which is this hip coffeehouse located on North Milwaukee Avenue. Filter has homemade flatbread pizzas, yummy iced coffee, and fresh sandwiches. What I loved most about Filter was the furniture dispersed around the coffeehouse. The furniture ranged from vintage desks & couches to modern chairs & stools. It’s definitely a MUST see when your in Wicker Park.

Walk it out.
Paparazzi Alert, JUST KIDDING just Leilani.
Photos Courtesy of Leilani

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  1. Teemu Reply

    I love those Karen Walker sunglasses!! I’ve been drooling over those for months now, ever since I saw them on Bryanboy’s blog. They are so fierce! You wear them well.

    I found your blog through the ELLE & Nokia competition that is on Facebook. Good luck with that! I’m taking part as well, we’ll see how it goes… The results (about who is going to Round 3) are coming the day after tomorrow, right?

    Take care! :) All the best from Finland,

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