Leather Sweatpants

Leather Pants Outfit Post 5

Remember when I said that I finally purchased those Zanerobe perforated leather pants (here’s the post if you don’t)? Well I got them today, after ordering them two days ago, and had to put them on right away.

As most of you guys know I’ve dying for a pair of real leather sweatpants. Even if I still want a pair of En Noir sweatpants, I can finally check off owning a pair of leather sweatpants on my list of things to buy.

These Zanerobe leather pants are extremely warm (which is a plus in this freakin’ cold weather) and are super buttery soft. I’m so glad they’re lined, because I don’t think that feeling raw leather on my legs would be to my liking.

I’m sure you guys heard by now that Maggie Daley park is finally somewhat open. I’m fortunate enough to live just a few blocks from it, so I decided to check it out and take some #outfitpictures there. One word, INCREDIBLE. It’s huge, the ice skating ribbon is sick, and I seriously can’t wait for summer now so that gets completed. I know this park will be a huge hit in the summer mainly due to the huge rock climbing wall that will open up in the summer. Make sure to take a quick walk by the park before the weather continues to drop!

Leather Pants Outfit Post 1

Leather Pants Outfit Post 6

Leather Pants Outfit Post 4

Leather Pants Outfit Post 3
What I’m Wearing: 

asos scuba sweater // zanerobe leather sweatpants // y3 qasa sneakers

topman neoprene t-shirt (similar) // cartier love rings // rolex submariner watch


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Sale. Sale. Sale.

East Dane Promo Ad

I’m all about sales, especially when Christmas is around the corner. When I found out that East Dane was having an extra 20% off their sale items, I went straight to my wish list and bought a pair of leather pants that I’ve been eyeing. Although the Lot78 leather pants were sold out in my size, East Dane still had some Zanerobe perforated leather pants that were pretty sick. The best part was that they were marked down 30% and with the promo code EXTRASALE I received an addition 20% off. Leather pants for under $300? I’m sold!

If you haven’t already, you must check out their sale items right now. Up to 70% off with an additional 20% off is a steal. Looking for some T by Alexander Wang on sale, well you came to the right place.

Also I recently purchased a T by Wang sweater and received the package the next day. I swear East Dane has some of the fastest free shipping. Need a last minute Christmas or Hanukkah gift, then East Dane is your savior.

The sale ends on December 17 (aka tomorrow), so make sure you take advantage of it ASAP.

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All About the Pink ‘Stache

Lyft Mustache Promo 1

What’s a pink ‘stache? Well if you follow me on Instagram and are an avid user of ride-sharing apps, then you’ll know it’s Lyft. If you’ve never heard of it, sign up right now and you’ll thank me later.

You may ask the big question, why should download Lyft if I’m using Uber? It’s simple. Lyft has better drivers and ethics over Uber. If you watch or read the news, I’m sure you’re really familiar with Uber’s rape situation. With Lyft, our drivers go through an extensive background check and driver check before even being able to get on the road. When it comes to picking the right drivers and cars, Lyft is extremely strict. Also with their huge insurance coverage that they provide for their drivers, there is no reason to take another cab in your life. Lyft is like having a friend that drives (and is always available).

Oh did I mention that the rides are up to 60% off cab prices (hello more drinking money)? Plus you can’t forget about the convenience, reliability, and safety. It’s basically a win-win situation. I like to tell people think Walmart vs. Target, Uber is Walmart and Lyft is Target.

So what are you waiting for? Simply click this sign up link and you’ll get your first ride free (up to $10)! You can also use the credit code CHICOVERLOAD to get that first free ride! That way you can let me know what you think.

Lyft Swag Lyft Mustache Promo 3

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Dressing the Part

Professional Look Outfit Post 1
If you’ve noticed that I’ve been MIA for a week, it is because I’ve living in the library for the past week. You know what that means. Finals week. Yes, the two words every college student dreads. It’s the week where no college student sleeps unless you’ve been a good student and haven’t procrastinated. It’s where UIC’s library is open 24/7 from November 30th all the way till December 12th. It’s where you basically have no social life or even life for the week. No thirsty Thursdays, no rowdy Saturdays. Just hardcore studying.

This semester I was lucky enough to only have 2 presentations and 3 actual finals versus have 5 finals. Although presentations aren’t the easiest, they are a hell of a lot better than studying countless of hours for a 200 question exam. One of my presentations was for my marketing channels class and the other was for my e-commerce class. They both surprisingly went well, even though one of my group members decided to not show up to the presentation. Talk about rude.. A positive thing that comes from doing a presentation is dressing up.

I went through my closet to find that 90% of it is made up baggy t-shirts, black shirts, black sweaters, and black denim. Hello, my name is Luis and I’m obsessed with black. So I decided to dig deeper into it and found a Pierre Balmain denim shirt with the tags still on it. I remember getting it from the Gilt Warehouse Sale for a steal. I ended up ripping the tags off, ironing, and bam my outfit was made. I paired it with some Lululemon pants that are insanely comfortable and my Hermes belt, Versace x H&M blazer, and Gucci loafers (which I also got from the Gilt City Warehouse sale) . The perfect, comfy, professional look. Just like I was taught as a kid, you must dress the part or else you are not the part.

So a few tips for you gents that might have a bit trouble when it comes to dressing up.

1. Make sure your clothes are ironed and/or pressed. No one wants to iron some dummy who just rolled out of bed.

2. Clean up, clean up, and clean up. Where it’s a quick shave or a haircut, just do it.

3. Make sure your clothes actually fit you. I can tell you that 95% of the guys I saw at school could have went at least a size down or sometimes even a size up in their shirts and trousers. If length is in issue, get a tailor.

4. Wear the right socks (or in this case no socks). I saw at least 5 guys wearing short gym socks with dress shoes. That is the biggest no no. If you wearing loafers, go naked. If you want to be adventurous, through on some crazy, colored socks.

5. Last rule is if you have idea how to dress, get advice from someone that does. More than likely they will be happy that you reached out to them, because they probably knew all along that you’ve needed some help.

5 basic rules, yet tons of guys screw them up everyday. Remember, DRESS THE PART.

Professional Look Outfit Post 7 Professional Look Outfit Post 3 Professional Look Outfit Post 5 Professional Look Outfit Post 6 Professional Look Outfit Post 2 Professional Look Outfit Post 4

What I’m Wearing:

pierre balmain denim shirt (similar) // lululemon abc pants // versace x h&m blazer (similar)

hermes constance belt (similar) // gucci loafers (similar) // rayban wayfarers

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All I Want For Christmas Is..

Cartier Christmas Banner

We are already in December and Christmas is quickly approaching. You all know what that means… WISH LIST. If I had all the money in the world, then I would grant everyone at least one item that’s on their wish list. Unfortunately I’m just a broke college student, but that sure shouldn’t stop anyone from making a wish list. Hello… That’s why its called a WISH list.

Ever since my first year of college, it seems like my wish list only got smaller and smaller. Most people would say that’s a good thing. But since the list is getting smaller, that could only mean that the items are getting more expensive. As I’ve said a million times, I would rather have one incredible piece (hello jewelry) than 500 pieces. I’m all about quality over quantity.

It seems like my generation is obsessed with getting new things all of the time, aka why Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters are doing incredible in this economy.

Anyways, here are a few things that have caught my eye throughout the year. If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll be familiar with a few of these items.

The Perfect Bracelet. 

Timeless, gorgeous, and expensive. A guy can dream right? There’s a preowned white gold and yellow gold Love bracelet on Fashionphile right now. Or if you want to treat yourself, Selfridges is there to serve you.

Close Second…

Minimal, stackable, and totally me. I’m pretty obsessed with Tiffany’s new T collection. If you’re not into bracelets but like the design, they also have the T design in the forms of rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Buttery Leather Sweatpants.

I’ve been dying to get a pair of leather sweatpants for ever. After searching and searching, I finally found the perfect pair by Lot78 at the perfect price. Made out of sheepskin (hello warmth) and made in Italy. These are my type of pants.

Close Second…

Although I’ve never owned a pair of J.Brand jeans, I’ve only heard good things from friends who are obsessed with the brand. These babies are made out of lambskin, aka soft like a baby’s bottom.

Not much. Though when you add up the total, it’s a whole different story.


cartier picture courtesy of Focused Moments

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Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday Santa

Probably one of my favorite shopping holidays of the year is Cyber Monday. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that retailers started to participate in the festivities. Now it’s a big deal for e-commerce sites. Of course East Dane is having a sick sale. But there are also a few other retailer’s sales that have caught my eye.

ASOS – simply use the code ILOVEMONDAYS and receive 30% off everything.

East Dane - use the code GOBIG14 to get 15% off $250+, 20% off $500+, and 25% off $1000+.

FOREVER 21 - use the code CYBER20 for 20% off $60+ or use CYBER30 for 30% off $120+.

J.Crew – 30% off select full-price styles and additional 40% off sale + free shipping, no minimum.

Luisaviaroma – extra 20% off with the code BFRS.

Urban Outfitters – take $15 off $75, $25 off $100 and $50 off $150 – no code needed.


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The BIG Event

East Dane Big Event Sale

East Dane, one of my favorite online retailers, is having their biggest sale yet. With no restrictions, you can save on brands that never go on sale, cough Canada Goose. Since Christmas is literally around the corner (4 more Tuesdays), this is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the Christmas shopping game.

Why not go big or go home with your friends? You want more savings? Simply just get a group together and make a big purchase or better yet buy all of your Christmas gifts at once. Why wait in line on Black Friday when you can be in your pajamas and shop from the comfort of your home.

To save some cash, simply use the code GOBIG14 at checkout. The sale starts today and will be valid until December 1 at 11:50 PM, so you better get shopping right now.

Here are a few of my wants and must-have gifts that will be in my shopping cart today.

PS: You can find more of East Dane’s coupons and sales right here.

East Dane Wants List

DSquared2 Collage Print Pullover Sweater // Marc by Marc Jacobs Backpack

Maison Kitsune Canvas Sneakers // DSquared2 Leather T-Shirt

Canada Goose PBI Expedition Parka

East Dane Gifts Under $50
Zanerobe Flintlock T-Shirt // Hershel Supply Roy BiFold Wallet

Obey Quality Disset Beanie // Triple C Backup Phone Charger

Flight 001 Man Things Pouch // Public Supply Ruled Notebook


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Layered T-Shirts

Layered T-Shirt Outfit

This weekend was pretty awesome, besides the ugly rainy weather that we experienced. With the holidays and finals right around the corner, I devoted most of my time to catch up on my homework and studying. Though with hard work comes a fun night out.

After having an incredible dinner at Agami (a hidden gem for sushi), I ended up hanging out with my friend Dawon. Although it was rainy outside, the weather was in the 50s which was the perfect weather to go out in. I chose to wear my new Feather’s neoprene shirt layered on top of my Feather’s curved hem shirt. I was in comfort heaven. We decided to have a couple of bevies before hitting up a few bars. I haven’t had that much fun in a while.

Then I got this random surge of energy in the morning to head to Flywheel for Alicia’s 9:30 class. Let’s just say alcohol and Flywheel don’t really mix well together. Alicia mentioned that I was sweating a ton. I told her that’s what a night out can do for you. Thankfully I sweated out most of the toxins from the night before.

So a note to anyone feeling hung over. Go work out the morning after. Although you might not feel amazing, your body will definitely thank you for getting rid of all toxins. What’s better than flying to sick beats when your still drunk? Okay, maybe I’m just obsessed with FlyWheel.

Layered T-Shirt Outfit Post 5 Layered T-Shirt Outfit Post 2 Layered T-Shirt Outfit Post 3Layered T-Shirt Outfit Post 6Layered T-Shirt Outfit Post 4

What I’m Wearing:

feathers neoprene shirt (similar) // feathers curved hem tee

acne studios ace cash jeans // y3 qasa sneakers

rolex submariner (similar) // hermes enamel clic clac bracelet


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The Shake(y) Shake

Shake Shack Chicago - Burgers, Fries, Shake

Oops, don’t mind my hat hair.

Welcome to the Shakey(y) Shake. Where grassfed beef burgers are served daily, tasty yukon fries crunch in your mouth, and hand-spun shakes come in tons of different flavors.

I actually found out about Shake Shack through a co-worker. When I was working at Lush Cosmetics in Soho, a few of my co-workers would always talk about Shake Shack. At the time I was living on pennies. New York easily does that to you. Anyways, I decided on my second to last day in NYC to check it out. Of course when I arrived to it’s original location in Madison Square Park, the line was wrapped around the block. I thought to myself, okay I’m over it and next time when I’m in NYC I’ll try again. 

Several trips later, I still have yet to visit Shake Shack. This is mainly due to the insane lines at all of the locations. Usually when there’s lines that either means its really hyped up or the food is incredible.

When Shake Shack announced they were opening a Chicago location, I started to count the days to the opening. Unfortunately the lines were so long the first week that I just waited to go during the middle of the week in the second week of opening. The line was still wrapped around the block and I decided to wait in line. Surprisingly the line was moving quickly and we were in the facility in about 15 minutes.

Shake Shack Chicago Custard Calendar Shake Shack Chicago Crinkle Cut Fries
At first the menu didn’t really seem appealing and small, as there wasn’t a huge selection of food, but I guess you have to remember it’s still essentially a fast-service restaurant. My eye instantly went towards the Smoke Burger with light Shake Sauce (without chillies), Yukon Potato French Fries, and Salted Carame’L’ Concrete. I ended ordering those three items and it costed about $17. You’re probably thinking, $17 for a burger, fries, and a dessert at a fast-food restaurant is expensive. Well the beef is grass-fed, the fries looked like they were cut there, and the concrete…well I’ll get to that in a minute.

Shake Shack Chicago Buzzers
The food took about 5 minutes which was extremely impressive seeing how slammed they were. Everything that needed to be hot was steaming hot and the concrete as cold, yet manageable to eat. I quickly took a bite of the burger and was in heaven. The meat was tender, yet melted in my mouth. The Shake Sauce was surprisingly amazing, seeing that I hate mayo. Then I put a few fries in mouth, then a few more, and a few more. SO GOOD. I couldn’t stop eating them. Not greasy, crunchy, crispy, and deliciously fried. They’re definitely not your regular crinkle cut fries. Now to the concrete… I’m not a huge dessert fan, but man was this a disappointment. My friends ended up getting shakes and loved them, but I decided to get the Shake Shack x Glazed & Infused concrete.

Shake Shack - Burger, Fries, Concrete - Chicago

Shake Shack Chicago with Alicia Miller

Alicia Miller, FlyWheel Instructor and friend, chumps down.

First of all, it looked like someone just threw it together. It was very unappealing. Second, the flavors were extremely bland and almost way too sweet for me. The caramel was extremely overpowering and the donut was hard as rock. Now I’m no food critic, but I would definitely not recommend this to anyone. $6 down the drain. At least I know for my future visits (oops I’ve been there 3 times already). 

So, you haven’t been to Shake Shack. Go now. I won’t wait 1-2 hours, but if the line looks manageable then wait. Although it’s on the pricey side, the quality definitely shows. Service was great and I’ll be back again… in like an hour.

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A Dangerous Sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are literally around the corner, which means trying to save every penny you can so you can blow it on next Friday and Monday. Fortunately (and unfortunately) one of my friends texted me mentioning that Barney’s Warehouse was having a major sale. When Barney’s has a sale they usually go all out.

I’m usually not the person to post about sales on my blog, but this sale is almost to good to be true. If you’re not familiar with Barney’s Warehouse, then you must do so right this second. Basically Barney’s used to (and still do) have their huge annual warehouse sale in NYC. They would dramatically mark down designer goods and people would wait hours and hours to take a peak and shop their little hearts out. So why not bring that warehouse experience to consumers around the world? Barney’s finally took note and that’s how Barney’s Warehouse site was born.

Enough chit-chat. I’m sure you want to know what the sale is all about it. Well…

  • EXTRA 40% off all Women’s Shoes, Bags, Jewelry and Lingerie.
  • EXTRA 40% off all Men’s Shoes, Ties, Belts, and Leather Goods
  • EXTRA 50% off Clearance Items.
  • Also, it seems like most clothing items are an additional 40% (or 50% on clearance).

I seriously can’t get over this sale. Here are few of my favorites from Barney’s Warehouse.



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