Pintrill Pins

I usually get a bunch of press releases pitching me products to post on my blog. Majority of the time, I respond to the sender and tell them that I’m not really interested in the product, because…

  1. I would never use the product.
  2. They send out the press release to a million different people and can’t get my name right.
  3. What do I get out of it?

But when something catches my eye and they make the email somewhat personal, then its a different story.

I’ve never heard of PINTRILL before. Though when I found out that they were collaborating with one of my favorite mock up brands (hello Lust Limited) then I was all eyes and ears. PINTRILL is a small company based in Brooklyn that designs sick pins. Pins? Yeah, pins. You can put them on your zippers, denim jackets, or where ever you want. They can add the perfect touch to the most minimal outfits.


Oh one thing I forgot, most of the pins are made in limited batches. So if you see a pin you like, make sure you buy it asap because you probably won’t see anyone wearing and it’ll be gone next time you want to buy it. If you want to grab your hands on a Lust Limited x PINTRILL pin, hurry, because there are only 20 of them made.
PINTRILL x Lust Limited Pin

photos courtesy of high snobiety // pintrill

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The Fresh Look

Layered Denim Outfit Post

Man is it freezing outside. I feel like I can’t even leave my apartment without 3 layers of clothing. When taking these pictures I thought I was going to freeze to death. Thankfully I didn’t!

I’m sure your really confused about this outfit, due to not me not wearing 1 piece of black clothing. I guess this relates back to my recent post about light colors. As Spring approaches, my wardrobe tends to become lighter and lighter (kinda) .

As you guys know, I’ve been really obsessed with denim. Whether its light denim, dark denim or combination of both, I love it. I’ve digging All Saints denim pieces, because they are heavy duty and somewhat warm.

Since I’m on the topic of denim, I’ve been really meaning to try out some pieces from Baldwin Denim. Not only are they based in the United States, but they also make the majority of the products in the USA too. I’m all about supporting the US’s economy and receiving a well made good in return. I know they have some awesome (super soft) men’s sweatshirts and men’s t-shirts.

close up denim

layered denim

Denim on denim outfit

full body denim

What I’m Wearing:

topman sweater (similar sweater) // topman denim shirt // all saints denim jacket
levis jeans // cole haan lunargrand shoes // rolex submariner


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The FlyWheel Family

A photo posted by Luis Torres (@chicoverload) on

You know how sometimes you regret doing something a few days after its done? Well I’m definitely in that position. I’m sure you remember that FlyWheel post I posted almost a week ago. Not only did it create a bit of a stir, but it seemed to hurt some people too (people I love).

After thinking about it for 2-3 days, I thought to myself… Why would anyone in the world give up something they love? Something they’ve been passionate about for two years and did it religiously. Maybe there was a few miscommunications here and there and some disappointment, but why not just continue to do what you love and move on. Yes I am kicking myself right now.

I finally realized that FlyWheel isn’t only about the incredible workout and motivational instructors, its more so about the community. FlyWheel has built a #FlyFam that many other fitness facilities try to recreate and fail. How could I no longer be apart of that? 

Basically what I’m saying is that I screwed up and I’m sorry. You know the phrase… Nobody is perfect. Well I hope my #FlyFam understands that.

I’m ready to get back to the routine of taking 4-5 classes a week. I miss seeing all of my favorite instructors. I miss the incredible playlists they curate. I miss the vibe when entering into FlyWheel and know that your about to work your butt off in a 45-60 minute class (and its going to go by so fast). 

FlyWheel, you have me by the hook. I guess that’s when you know that you are extremely attached to the brand and company. Sometimes you may not agree with all of their decisions, but like I said… Nobody is perfect. 

So its time to move on from the past and think about the present (aka take a crap ton of FlyWheel classes and de-stress).

FlyWheel Sports Chicago Outfit

FlyWheel Sports Old Town Blogger Ride

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Instacart Review

Gracie and InstaCart

As an avid shopper at Whole Foods, I couldn’t help but notice an InstaCart stand as I was leaving. Since I’m curious cat (and it said 1 hour grocery deliveries), I decided to do some research and learn what its all about.

According to their FAQ, Instacart is a grocery delivery service that delivers in as little as an hour! We connect you with Personal Shoppers in your area who pick up and deliver your groceries from your favorite local stores.

You have me sold already. Whole Foods. Marianos. You name it.

A colleague of mine gave me a $10 off coupon + free delivery, so I decided why not try it out. Today was the day.

After spending 30 minutes looking through the huge selection from Whole Foods, I completed my order and monitored the status of my order. I choose the 3:00 – 4:00 PM delivery time slot.

As time passed by, I received a phone call from Pedros letting me know that a few of the items I wanted were out of stock. He asked if I wanted to use the replacements (IE: Non-organic or a different brand) or simply want a refund for that item. He was extremely kind and did not felt hassled at all. Also there was an option online where you can decide if you wanted a refund if they did not have your item or a replacement.

At 3:35 PM I received a call from my Instacart delivery guy letting me know that my goodies were here and asked if I wanted them taken to my apartment. I told him I was coming downstairs anyways, so I could just pick them up with the doorman.

When I got back to my apartment, I made sure to check if anything was broken and see if everything was fresh. It sure was. Not only was the delivery smooth and hassle free, but it took a load off my shoulder. I will definitely be using this service all of the time. Also if Gracie approves, then I certainly approve.



On a side note: if you download their app, they have recipes that allow you to purchase everything you need to make that item. SOLD. NOTE: If you are an extremely busy person and love Whole Foods (and other grocery stores), use Instacart! The idea is genius. ALSO I’m glad it didn’t cost me a fortune to use.

So enough chit-chatting and use this link to get yourself a free delivery + $10 off your first order! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Gracie and Instacart 2


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Light Colors

Public School Men Look 7
Now that Spring is slowly quickly approaching, I can change my all black wardrobe to something a bit more colorful. I guess if you consider whites, light blues, and shades of grey a bit more colorful – haha.

I’ve been stalking Public School’s selection on East Dane’s e-commerce site. I can tell you that I’m extremely impressed with this season. A bunch of white basics with some black detailing is perfection to me and Public School has really outdone themselves.

Marc Jacobs Men Detroit Washed Jeans

Marc – a little inspiration from the mom’s?

On a side note, I’ve been wanting a pair of both dark and light washed jeans. It seems like Marc Jacobs is gaining some inspiration from the mom’s. Nudies on the other hand are well… just doing what they do best, creating sick denim.

3.1 Phillip Lim Men Spring 2015 Look 2

Plus I can’t forget about the incredible collection that 3.1 Phillip Lim did for Spring 2015. Think intricate, whimsical patterns and bold colors with hints of black (my favorite). Also there was lots of leather too. Do you see how amazing those mens sneakers are?

3.1 Phillip Lim PL31 High Top Sneakers

images courtesy of style // east dane // hypebeast

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Good Bye FlyWheel Sports


Updated Post right HERE

Ah one of my obsessions. FlyWheel this, FlyWheel that. Probably one of the best workouts ever, but I think its time to move on.

If you guys didn’t know, I tried out to be a FlyWheel instructor two weeks ago. Over 30 people made it and I was fortunate enough to make it to the second round. I was so so excited. I ended up doing 24 classes in January to prep for the big day and played my playlist like 20 million times.

Today was the day that I found out that I did not make it. I told one of my mentors if I didn’t make it and didn’t receive strong & concrete feedback that I would no longer support the company. As much as I love(d) the brand, I just could no longer give them my hard earned cash. To me, it felt like it was a joke when given the critique.

Unfortunately I was too much of an “actor” in my tryout that I didn’t make it. If your thinking, oh god your just a sore loser.. suck it up. Well your wrong. I’m the kind of person that likes to grow. If I didn’t receive feedback and advice on how to better myself, why should I try out again? It makes no sense to me. If the instructors didn’t believe in me the first time, why would I try out again?

The worst thing was the instructor that made the final decision wasn’t even the one to contact me. I had to hear the terrible news from one of her colleagues. It’s like a CEO’s assistant firing you, because the CEO is ashamed or feels too bad to do so. I mean it is your job right?

Not only did this make me a stronger person, but showed me their true colors. It stinks how one bad apple can mess up a whole batch of apples.

Sad to say but it times to move on. Thanks to my old FlyWheel family (you know who you are) for always believing in me. Without you guys, I’m not sure how I would’ve been able to survive the past two years. Stress, anxiety, family issues, and much more. You guys were there for me. Thanks again.

So long FlyWheel and I heard there are a few competitors coming to Chicago. Uhm, it’ll be interesting.

Updated Post right HERE

Soul-Cycle Chicago

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The Rain. The Snow.

Nick Wooster Wearing Hunter Boots
If you live in Chicago, you know that the weather can be so unpredictable. With the crazy storm that is suppose to come tonight, I thought… Hey why not do a blog post about rain…snow shoes! I personally don’t own a pair of snow/rain shoes, but I think I finally realized that it’s a must if you live in Chicago. The question is, how do you find some-what fashionable snow/rain boots?

East Dane comes to our savior (thank god). Thanks to their uh-mazing selection of designer duds. They introduced me to the brand, Tretorn. Think cool snow/rain boots that are minimal and supposedly comfy. You know that guys are usually all about comfort. Of course everyone is familiar with the famous Hunters, so I couldn’t leave them out from this post! But the thing that Tretorn has going for them is that their very minimal. Though I love the fun colors that Hunter Boots offers for men.

Hunter Boots Ad Campaign

Men Tretorn Boot Street Style

images courtesy of pinterest // tumblr // tumblr

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My New Best Friend

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream 2
I’ve been stalking the internet for this product to come out. When Bare Minerals announced they were going to take on the tinted moisturizer market I became intrigued.

Most of you guys know Bare Minerals as the first mineral makeup made for the masses. I mean who could forget swirl, tap, and buff? Classic. The minds behind Bare Minerals decided to take out the liquid foundation route and from reviews across the Internet, I heard it wasn’t exquisite perfectly (think lasting only a few hours, ect..). Finally the much added tinted hydrating gel cream is on the market and of course I had to try it out right away.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tan 07 Color

The first thing I noticed when purchasing my Complexion Rescue was that it came in 10 different shades at 1.18 oz per tube. The shades are pretty extensive, but they seem to be geared more towards people with golden undertones. I purchased my tube from Sephora and it was only $29, which is pretty awesome seeing that Laura Mercier is almost double that.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Swatch

When I got home I removed what I had on my face and slathered some moisturizer on. Then I decided to apply with my finger tips. After waiting for a hours, I noticed that the Complexion Rescue looked good but a little heavy (I think I put too much on!). So the next day I decided to apply it with my Chanel foundation/powder brush. It was flawless! People complimenting me at school saying that my skin was glowing and I looked refresh. WIN. The coverage was definitely sheer to medium (build able – yay) and

What did work out for me? 

The ingredients list was awesome, awesome, awesome. The formula has no oil, silicone, fragrance, and parabens in it. Also, it was so easy to apply! The consistency was just how they described it, a gel-like silky texture. Yet when you applied to the skin, it felt exactly like skin. For an added bonus there’s SPF 30 and marine botanicals to hydrate and nourish the skin. Think of this product as a cc cream, bb cream, tinted moisturizer, and foundation in all one!

What didn’t work out for me?

It took two tries to get the application right, but I finally got it. Also I would say that Complexion Rescue lasts about 6-8 hours on the skin before it needs to be retouched. As for flash photography, I don’t think this would be a good product to wear to weddings and such due to the SPF.

Who would I recommend this product to? 

Consumers who are looking to have skin-care incorporated with their makeup routine. Also those who have dry to combination skin. I won’t really recommend this product if you have oily skin because it’ll probably leave you face looking like a grease ball within two hours.

Would I repurchase this product?

Yes, yes, yes. The ingredient list isn’t bad and it makes my skin glow without being oily! Perfect combination for my skin.

Here are a few before/after pictures, as well as the ingredient list!

Before Complexion Rescue Front View

Before putting anything on.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue After Picture

After putting the Complexion Rescue on.

Before Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Side

Before Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue on the side.

After putting Complexion Rescue on close up.

After putting Complexion Rescue on close up.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Ingredients List

PS: I am not endorsed by Bare Minerals. I purchased the product with my own money and have no bias towards the product.



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The Last Semester

All Black Outfit with Leather Pants

I can’t believe it. I’m graduating this semester.

Wait what? This semester?

Yes this semester. I decided after much debate that I will be simply be pursuing a degree in marketing and not continue to get a minor in Spanish. Why you may ask? Well because I’m just ready to finally start my life.

The past two years has been extremely difficult for me. Finding out your own family betrayed you for money and the struggle between making time for school and work were just a few of the problems that occurred. Although it has gotten better (thanks to my grandparents & my best(est) friend in the world), I’m just ready to start a new chapter in my life.

I can’t wait to prove to my family that… YES I can get a college degree without your help. Though I do have to say that four years have flew by. Through the ups & downs, I just can’t wait to be done.

PS: I’m so obsessed with my T by Alexander Wang tee and Zanerobe leather pants from East Dane. Seriously the best.

Black Outfit with Theory Jacket

Layered Tees with Leather Pants

Detailed Shot of Layered Tees

Black & Grey Outfit

Side view of All Black Outfit

What I’m Wearing:

feathers neoprene sweatshirt (similar ON SALE)// t by alexander wang tee // zanerobe leather pants

rick owens x adidas sneakers // theory jacket // goorin bros hat

lululemon backpack // rolex submariner // cartier love rings // hermes clic clac bracelet

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The New Job

Reform Pilates

Sometimes its time for a change. A new year, a new start, a new job. Although I still have my other job at Sable Kitchen & Bar, I decided to be adventurous and try something new. Since I workout like 24/7 why not work at a fitness joint?

When the opening of a front desk position at Reform Chicago opened up I quickly took notice. I’ve never done Pilates in my life… especially on a reformer. One of my friends, Alicia, who is also an incredible Flywheel instructor, told me about the opening and mentioned that I would be obsessed with the workout. Let’s just say I took my first class on Tuesday and I’ve never felt so good (besides FlyWheel, of course). If you haven’t checked out Reform Chicago, you can sign up and receive your first class FREE.

With a new job means a new uniform. Hello sneakers like these the new blacked out 3.1 Phillip Lim sneakers or these sick pair of Y3 Qasa sneakers. Oh I can’t forget about some nice T by Alexander Wang basics to work a #headtotoe look.

Cheers to a new job (and a whole new wardrobe)!

A photo posted by Luis Torres (@chicoverload) on

Reform Chicago Pilates

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