East Dane Celebration x Giveaway

One of my favorite online store, East Dane, is celebrating their 1 year anniversary opening and want to give back to all of the people who made it all happen. They are giving you a chance to win one of 4 weekly prices and a $2,000 East Dane gift certificate by showcasing your biggest moment on Instagram. All you have to do is include #1BigYearSweeps and @EastDane on your Instagram post and your entered. Easy right? I know I’m definitely going to take advantage of the giveaway. Who doesn’t love free clothes? I know with the weather changing, I’m sure we can all use some nice sport coats.

If you haven’t taken a look at East Dane, make sure to check out their incredible selection of men’s sweaters, men’s jeans (3×1 being some of my favorites), men’s boots, and much more. Below are some of my current favorite items from East Dane.

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Recap: New York

Luis Torres - August NYC Trip - 1

I took a mini trip to NYC to see a bunch old friends. It was great but the sad thing was I didn’t take much pictures this trip. This trip was focused on trying to relax after a rough work and summer session. The weather was bearable, which was a plus, and I got to do most all of the things that were on my checklist.

Surprisingly I was a good boy and didn’t shop too much, but I did pick up this long Rick Owens shirt at Barney’s NY. On the first day I purchased a bunch of things from Oak NYC, but decided against the items and returned them.

Probably one of my highlights of the entire trip is seeing all of my friends and SoulCycle. Oh man, oh man am I obsessed now. Its completely different from FlyWheel as it really is a fully body workout. I seriously can’t wait till it comes to Chicago, because I will definitely be altering between FlyWheel and SoulCycle.

So the big question is when will I be back? Well I’ll thinking making a small trip in November but still a little unsure with school back in action. I’ll definitely keep you guys up to date and if you want to see more pictures from my mini trip, check out my Instagram @ChicOverload.

Luis Torres - August NYC Trip - 2

What I’m Wearing:

Marc Jacobs shirt (similar) // Nordstrom pants (similar) // Nike Roshe Sneakers

Alexander Wang Rocco bag // Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet // Rolex Submariner

Supreme Camp hat // Prada charm // Bvlgari ring // Cartier Love rings

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Alexander Wang for H&M Men + Women Preview

Alexander Wang for H&M Men Preview 1 I die, I die, I die. GQ UK had the exclusive inside look at the new Alexander Wang for H&M collection and it’s so Alexander Wang. Everyone was worried that Alexander Wang would lose his aesthetic for the collection, but it’s definitely there. Dark, boxy, sporty, is what makes up the collection. The fabrics look aesthetically pleasing. The question is will the collection feel luxuriously like his main collection or like T by Alexander Wang? Only time will tell.

I noticed a lot of WANG over the collection. Not sure if I’m a huge fan of it or not. I know that I definitely need that grey WANG sweater and those white Air Force One-esque sneakers though. Their the perfect pieces for Fall and school.

PS: Try not to drool over these pictures too much. Alexander Wang for H&M Men Preview 2 Alexander Wang for H&M Men Preview 3 Alexander Wang for H&M Men Preview 4 Alexander Wang for H&M Men Preview 5 Alexander Wang for H&M Women Preview 1 Alexander Wang for H&M Women Preview 2 Alexander Wang for H&M Women Preview 3 Alexander Wang for H&M Women Preview 4

Photos Courtesy of The Fashionisto & Racked

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Long Tank

Luis Torres - Rick Owens 1

I finally got around to posting these incredible pictures that Tek, photographer behind DrunkOnShoes, took of Sammy and I. He’s such an incredible photographer and makes me feel like a star when I’m in front of the camera.

This post is basically dedicated to the tank I’m wearing. It’s lightweight, soft, and I want it in every color. It’s from Rick Owens little sister brand DRKShdw, which somehow fits me a bit better than Rick’s regular line. Its the perfect transition and layering piece for all seasons. You guys know that I’m all about investing in basics and this is a piece that every guy can easily pull off.

I know that DRKShdw and Rick Owens can be a little steep for some guys, so here and here are great alternatives from Topman.

Luis Torres - Rick Owens DRKShdw - 2
Luis Torres - Rick Owens DRKShdw - 3
Luis Torres - Rick Owens DRKShdw - 6
Luis Torres - Rick Owens DRKShdw - 5
Luis Torres - Rick Owens DRKShdw - 4

What I’m Wearing:

Rick Owens DRKShdw tank // Acne Studios jeans // Christian Louboutin Aoussam boots
Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet (ON SALE!) // Alexander Wang Rocco bag
Rolex Submariner // Bvlgari ring (similar) // Cartier Love rings // Hermes Eclipse Ring

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It’s All About Hats

Hats, hats, hats. Whether it’s a Supreme camp hat, a baseball camp, or a fedora, who doesn’t love them? I decided to purchase my first “big boy” hat purchase yesterday at Goorin Bros hat store. I have been debating of either investing in a Maison Michel fedora hat (insane) or a fedora hat that was less than $200 (hello All Saints). After much debate, I decided to go with a cheaper option then later invest in a gorgeous Maison Michel hat. The #1 reason being that I’m not sure if I’ll wear the hat that often (cost per use formula).

Let’s just say that I’m loving it. It’s crazy how something as simple as a hat can change an outfit completely. I can say that I will definitely be investing in a Maison Michel hat next month. So how did this hat obsession start? Take a look below and tell me that you don’t want a black wide brim fedora now.

Nicole Richie - Maison Michel Hat
Emmanuelle in Maison Michel Fedora
Chicago in Stilettos - Monika
Maison Michel Hat Inspiration

Photos Courtesy of Nicole Richie Fashion // Stockholm Street Style // Chicago in Stilettos// Fashionising

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The Dark Side

Samm Mackin & Luis Torres
You’re probably curious as to why the title of this blog post is called The Dark Side. Well it all starts with Samm Mackin. Everyone always asks us how we first met. Anyways, we surprisingly met about three years ago at the Chicago Fashion Incubator. I actually took his picture at the event, because I loved his style. At the time, he was weirded out about why I was approaching him and had no clue who I was (most people didn’t). We ended up bumping into each other multiple times throughout the years and the rest is history.

Not only have I seen Samm grow as a successful person, but he has also seen me grow as a person. From being a student at Columbia to now being the assistant buyer at Gallery Aesthete (one of my new favorite stores), the guy has it going for him. One thing about Samm that hasn’t really changed so much over the years is his style. Dark, Rick, black, Rick, Borris, Damir, Comme Des Garcon, you get the point? His style is minimal and perfect.

Samm, being the friend he is, would always give me so much crap about how much color I wore. I would say that 98% of his closet is made up of black. Surprisingly in these pictures he’s wearing a “bit” of color. Finally I caved in and bought a pair of Rick Owens boots on sale. The boots sat in my closet for almost a year. Recently I took them out and I fell in love with them again. Rick Owens is my obsession. Effortless chic is what Rick Owens is to me. So Sammy was successful on bringing me over to the dark side (if you couldn’t tell throughout my recent outfit posts).

Thanks Sammy for making me obsessed with Rick and black.

Soho House Chicago Hangout - Sammy Mackin 1
Soho House Chicago Hangout - Sammy Mackin 3
Soho House Chicago Hangout - Sammy Mackin 2
Samm Mackin & Luis Torres
Soho House Chicago Hangout - Sammy Mackin 4

Photos Courtesy of Tek Chung

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Back to School Essentials

Fall Back to School Essentials

I know, I know. No one ever wants to hear the words “back to school.” Not your professors, not your colleagues, but a student gotta do what a student gotta do. Ever since I came back from my trip to NYC, it seems like I’ve been adding tons of pieces to my “back to school closet.” A few pieces from Rick, Topman, and surprisingly Uniqlo. Though East Dane just released their back to school selection and I’m totally sold.

Some of the must- have brands for back to school season are 3×1 (incredible denim),  Public School, and A.P.C. Simple and comfortable is what my school uniform is made up (aka the brands that I listed). Below are a few of my favorites that are currently in my shopping cart right now.

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Airport Uniform

Luis Torres - Airport Uniform 1

I used to be the kind of guy that would dress up to go to the airport. I finally realized there is no point in dressing up to go to the airport. The reason? You’re going to be wrinkling your entire outfit when you’re on the plane and number two you’re probably going to end up changing your outfit when you get to your final destination.

For me, comfy airport chic is totally in. Give me black sweats, black tee, a hat to hide greasy hair, comfy nikes and I’m ready to jet.

Luis Torres - Airport Uniform 2
Luis Torres - Airport Uniform 3
Luis Torres - Airport Uniform 4
Luis Torres - Airport Uniform 4
Luis Torres - Airport Uniform 6
What I’m Wearing:

Topman t-shirt // H&M sweatpants (similar) // Nike Footscape sneakers (similar)

Supreme camp hat // Lanvin for H&M sunglasses (similar)

Celine nano luggage tote (similar) // Rolex Submariner // Prada teddy bear charm

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To Cartier or Not to Cartier

Over the past few years everyone has been lusting for love. The Cartier Love collection be exact. According to Cartier, the LOVE collection is one of their most iconic collections to date (and their best selling too). It’s simple, understated, and expensive as hell. Who won’t want a piece of Love?

I’m extremely fortunate to have three lovely Love pieces in my collection, but of course being the person I am, I just need one more to complete the collection. The ultimate piece from the Love collection, the Love bracelet. There’s just something about the bracelet(s) that attracts celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner and the Instagramer behind UpCloseAndStylish, to stack them. Here are some mouth watering pictures that will make you wish you were them.

So now that I probably have your attention, the question is should I get a Love bracelet. If so, which gold should I get it in? I know that I’ve been lusting over the bracelet so much that I actually got an alternative to save the place of my hopefully future Love bracelet.

What do you guys think? Is the white gold really worth the additional $500 or should I just go big or go home? So many questions, but when it’s a big purchase like this – it’s a must.

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Bringing Out Old Goodies

Luis Torres - Outfit Post - All Black Tee - 1
I just love going through my closet and seeing what cool (and weird) stuff I have bought over the years. It’s fun and also scary to see how your style has evolved for the better or the worst. I know a few years ago I was all about the color, color, color. I could not get enough of neon orange. Now I look at those items and ask myself, Why in the heck did I ever buy those pieces? I guess trends play a huge role into what you buy at the moment of time. Who knows, maybe I’ll be buying neon clothing in a few years. The reason why I brought this topic up is because a friend recently asked me why I’m selling a lot of my designer pieces on Vaunte. I instantly told him that there are a few reasons why…

  1. It’s good money.
  2. If you’re not using the stuff, why do you need to hoard it?
  3. My style has evolved.

It’s as simple as that. I’m definitely am not a hoarder. So if I haven’t worn the piece for over a year, then its going directly to Vaunte. If you don’t know what Vaunte is, I wrote an article about it a few months ago – so check it out.

The other reason why this topic was brought up was because I brought out my first designer bag I ever bought a few days ago. My beloved Alexander Wang Rocco bag in pony hair was my first baby. I remember how excited I was when it finally came in the mail. I had been lusting over the bag for several years and finally got my hands on one. It’s those special memories that make the bag feel brand new. Now I’m thinking about keeping the bag instead of selling it. Uhm, that Chanel Boy bag does look pretty though.

Luis Torres - Outfit Post - All Black Tee - 2

Luis Torres - Outfit Post - All Black Tee - 3

Luis Torres - Outfit Post - All Black Tee - 4

Luis Torres - Outfit Post - All Black Tee - 5

Luis Torres - Outfit Post - All Black Tee - 6

What I’m Wearing:

Topman tee (similar) // Acne Ace Cash jeans // Jimmy Choo Baxter biker boots (similar)

Alexander Wang Rocco bag (similar) // Supreme Camp hat

Rolex Submariner // Lust Limted bracelet // Hermes Collier de Chien

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