The Shake(y) Shake

Shake Shack Chicago - Burgers, Fries, Shake

Oops, don’t mind my hat hair.

Welcome to the Shakey(y) Shake. Where grassfed beef burgers are served daily, tasty yukon fries crunch in your mouth, and hand-spun shakes come in tons of different flavors.

I actually found out about Shake Shack through a co-worker. When I was working at Lush Cosmetics in Soho, a few of my co-workers would always talk about Shake Shack. At the time I was living on pennies. New York easily does that to you. Anyways, I decided on my second to last day in NYC to check it out. Of course when I arrived to it’s original location in Madison Square Park, the line was wrapped around the block. I thought to myself, okay I’m over it and next time when I’m in NYC I’ll try again. 

Several trips later, I still have yet to visit Shake Shack. This is mainly due to the insane lines at all of the locations. Usually when there’s lines that either means its really hyped up or the food is incredible.

When Shake Shack announced they were opening a Chicago location, I started to count the days to the opening. Unfortunately the lines were so long the first week that I just waited to go during the middle of the week in the second week of opening. The line was still wrapped around the block and I decided to wait in line. Surprisingly the line was moving quickly and we were in the facility in about 15 minutes.

Shake Shack Chicago Custard Calendar Shake Shack Chicago Crinkle Cut Fries
At first the menu didn’t really seem appealing and small, as there wasn’t a huge selection of food, but I guess you have to remember it’s still essentially a fast-service restaurant. My eye instantly went towards the Smoke Burger with light Shake Sauce (without chillies), Yukon Potato French Fries, and Salted Carame’L’ Concrete. I ended ordering those three items and it costed about $17. You’re probably thinking, $17 for a burger, fries, and a dessert at a fast-food restaurant is expensive. Well the beef is grass-fed, the fries looked like they were cut there, and the concrete…well I’ll get to that in a minute.

Shake Shack Chicago Buzzers
The food took about 5 minutes which was extremely impressive seeing how slammed they were. Everything that needed to be hot was steaming hot and the concrete as cold, yet manageable to eat. I quickly took a bite of the burger and was in heaven. The meat was tender, yet melted in my mouth. The Shake Sauce was surprisingly amazing, seeing that I hate mayo. Then I put a few fries in mouth, then a few more, and a few more. SO GOOD. I couldn’t stop eating them. Not greasy, crunchy, crispy, and deliciously fried. They’re definitely not your regular crinkle cut fries. Now to the concrete… I’m not a huge dessert fan, but man was this a disappointment. My friends ended up getting shakes and loved them, but I decided to get the Shake Shack x Glazed & Infused concrete.

Shake Shack - Burger, Fries, Concrete - Chicago

Shake Shack Chicago with Alicia Miller

Alicia Miller, FlyWheel Instructor and friend, chumps down.

First of all, it looked like someone just threw it together. It was very unappealing. Second, the flavors were extremely bland and almost way too sweet for me. The caramel was extremely overpowering and the donut was hard as rock. Now I’m no food critic, but I would definitely not recommend this to anyone. $6 down the drain. At least I know for my future visits (oops I’ve been there 3 times already). 

So, you haven’t been to Shake Shack. Go now. I won’t wait 1-2 hours, but if the line looks manageable then wait. Although it’s on the pricey side, the quality definitely shows. Service was great and I’ll be back again… in like an hour.

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A Dangerous Sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are literally around the corner, which means trying to save every penny you can so you can blow it on next Friday and Monday. Fortunately (and unfortunately) one of my friends texted me mentioning that Barney’s Warehouse was having a major sale. When Barney’s has a sale they usually go all out.

I’m usually not the person to post about sales on my blog, but this sale is almost to good to be true. If you’re not familiar with Barney’s Warehouse, then you must do so right this second. Basically Barney’s used to (and still do) have their huge annual warehouse sale in NYC. They would dramatically mark down designer goods and people would wait hours and hours to take a peak and shop their little hearts out. So why not bring that warehouse experience to consumers around the world? Barney’s finally took note and that’s how Barney’s Warehouse site was born.

Enough chit-chat. I’m sure you want to know what the sale is all about it. Well…

  • EXTRA 40% off all Women’s Shoes, Bags, Jewelry and Lingerie.
  • EXTRA 40% off all Men’s Shoes, Ties, Belts, and Leather Goods
  • EXTRA 50% off Clearance Items.
  • Also, it seems like most clothing items are an additional 40% (or 50% on clearance).

I seriously can’t get over this sale. Here are few of my favorites from Barney’s Warehouse.



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A Hint of Gray

Luis Torres Rick Owens + Feathers Grey Shirt Outfit Post 1

After looking at the set of photos from my last little shoot, I can say that I’m in love with 90% of them. Usually when I take pictures for an outfit post, I ask the photographer to take at least 50+ snaps. Since I’m so picky with what shots I’ll put up on my blog, I want to make sure that I get at least a few different angles and detail shots. Though as the weather gets colder it’s definitely more difficult to take outfit pictures. These pictures were literally snapped in 5 minutes, because the weather was below 30 when taking them.

These pictures seriously make me love the pieces that I’m wearing x10 more. The Feathers gray tee basically looks like a Rick Owens tee (and its only $34), while the Rick Owens drop crotch pants are the comfiest pants that I own. This is one of those outfits that I threw together in less than 5 minutes and looks effortless chic (well, because it was actually effortless).

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but recently I’ve been wearing a lot of sweats. Their easy to put on, their comfy, and simple. Of course I basically live in black jeans, but since the weather is getting colder I need to stay warmer. What better way to keep my legs warm by wearing some heavy sweatpants. A pair that I have my eye on right now is the T by Alexander Wang scuba sweatpants. You know how much I love neoprene, so sweatpants made out of neoprene is a match made in heaven for me.

On a good note, when the weather begins to get colder and colder that means the fall semester comes closer to the end. So to all of my fellow high school and college students, keep pushing because we are almost done.

Luis Torres Rick Owens + Feathers Grey Shirt Outfit Post 2

Luis Torres Rick Owens + Feathers Grey Shirt Outfit Post 9

Luis Torres Rick Owens + Feathers Grey Shirt Outfit Post 8

Luis Torres Rick Owens + Feathers Grey Shirt Outfit Post 3

Luis Torres Rick Owens + Feathers Grey Shirt Outfit Post 6

Luis Torres Rick Owens + Feathers Grey Shirt Outfit Post 7

What I’m Wearing:

feathers tee // rick owens drop crotch pants // rick owens military boots
theory coat // goorin bros. fedora // hermes collier de chien bracelet


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It’s All About Feathers

Style By Seth Feathers Outfit Post 1
No, not feathers from a bird’s wing. I’m actually talking about Feathers, the new menswear brand that is exclusively available at Urban Outfitters. I surprisingly discovered this brand by browsing through one of my new favorite menswear blogs, Style by Seth. Seth was wearing the neoprene top that had two zippers in it, similar to the one I have, but the Feather’s shirt is neoprene. Since you guys all know my recent obsession with neoprene, I had to get one (plus it was on sale!). 

But wait. There’s more. Feathers — Menswear brand Feathers believes in comfort, style and confidence. Influenced by today, they evolve items for tomorrow, AKA it this sounds like my kind of brand. If you’re a poor college student like me or just don’t have the extra cash to splurge on that perfect Rick Owens T-Shirt, then Feathers is the brand for you. They have some incredible asymmetrical t-shirts, curved hem long sleeve tees, and boat neck raglan tee – all under $35. Oh I can’t forget about the sick hoodies they have and faux leather jogger pants. Uh can you tell that I’m obsessed?

Of course I would love to have all of my tees from T by Alexander Wang or Rick Owens, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. This is the perfect alternate for those pricey options. Be right back, just buying the one of everything from the Feathers collection.



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It’s Candle Season

Diptyque Candles Display 1As I sit in my living room writing this post, quietly in the background burns my Figuier candle from Diptyque. It’s been a year since I found out about this golden and dangerous brand. Why dangerous? Well if you’re a candle person like I am in the winter, then you’re about to drop your whole paycheck on candles. Diptyque (by far) makes some of the best candles on the market.

Some say that I’m just burning my money away but to me it’s completely worth it. The perfumes that Diptyque’s candles release into the air are just airy and soft, yet an hour of burning turns any room into a Diptyque wonderland. As you can tell, I’m obsessed. I’ve already tried several scents from Dityque’s main and holiday collection, but I think I’m ready to venture off into different brands.

There are a few different brands that have been on my radar, but the one that stands out the most is Le Labo. Known for this essential oil based perfumes and celebrity following, they are the brand to watch out for when it comes to candles. Their candles are 100% soy-based and have a high blend of essential oils. Not to forget that they are hand poured in Mississippi. I need to try one of their candles asap (like tomorrow).

Scents that I want to try from Diptyque:

Vanille // Mimosa // Noisetier // Santal

 Scents that I want to try from Le Labo:

Santal 26 // Laurier 62 // Cedre 11 // Figue 15

PS: Do you light up candles as the weather gets colder? If so, what kind of candles do you use?

Diptyque Figuier Candle Le Labo Fragrance Sampling Diptyque Feuille de Lavand Candle Le Labo Santal 26 Candle Diptyque Roses Candle Le Labo Pouring Candles

Photos Courtesy of Diptyque + Le Labo

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The Neoprene Jacket

Luis Torres - Alexander Wang Hooded Scuba Jacket 1

Neoprene, neoprene, neoprene. Is it trendy or a staple? Is it warm or a fad? How the quality? Will it last? So many questions arose about the so-called scuba fabric when the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration came up.

Since I was lucky enough to acquire three neoprene pieces from the Alexander Wang x H&M, I decided to test it out for myself. My first impressions of the fabric were soft, foamy, and very 3 dimensional. Though the characteristic that I was most interested in was if neoprene was actually warm. I decided to take my little nugget for a walk in the park while wearing a T by Alexander Wang tank, Scuba jacket, and H&M sweatpants. A few minutes went by and I still felt no wind. I was surprised that the jacket did not let any cold air and as the minutes flew by I became warmer and warmer. Now I know why scuba divers swear by this fabric.

So if you are on the verge of purchasing any kind of neoprene sweater, pants, dress, ect.. DO IT, especially if you are in freezing cold weather (aka Chicago). The fabric is so comfy, warm, and cute, especially if you are into the boxy look.

One negative comment I do have to make about neoprene is that it creases everywhere. Not sure if it is just the Alexander Wang x H&M neoprene material, but I wore the WANG sweater for 15 minutes and it started to crease instantly. The creases somewhat come out when steaming the garment, but you can still see the marks on the sweater. A little disappointed, but that’s because I like my garments to look just like I received them.

PS: Excuse my pictures. I thought I lost my memory card and I ended up finding it in one of my pant’s pocket. I swear I’m the worst at keeping stuff in the same place.

Luis Torres - Alexander Wang Scuba Jacket 2

Luis Torres - Alexander Wang Hooded Scuba Jacket 1

Luis Torres - Alexander Wang Hooded Scuba Jacket 4

Luis Torres - Alexander Wang Hooded Scuba Jacket 5

What I’m Wearing:

old navy sweater // uniqlo jeans (similar) // nike roshe sneakers

alexander wang x h&m hooded scuba jacket (similar) // topman tee

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How to Wear Alexander Wang x H&M

Alexander X H&M Shopping Bag
Yesterday was the release of Alexander Wang x H&M and man was it a madhouse. I was lucky enough to cop three pieces from the collection, thanks to Nikia & Jamie for picking up the helping me out! I ended up getting two out of the five items from my 5 Items I need from Alexander Wang x H&M post and decided to pick up one of the neoprene jackets. 

Overall the quality is really superb (since it is H&M). I was surprised when my friend, Jena, told me about how the collection was made in the same factory that Nike apparel is manufactured.

Since I’ve never had anything made from neoprene (besides my Y3 Qasa sneakers), I’m a little unsure about how my neoprene pieces are going to hold up. I’ve only worn the sweater once and its already creasing in the arms. Maybe its just me being worrisome about not having long lasting pieces especially when the prices on eBay are going for 3-4 times the retail price.

Below are a couple of my favorite Instagram pictures from people who shopped the collection yesterday and couldn’t wait to take their pieces out for a spin #me.

A photo posted by Luis Torres (@chicoverload) on

A photo posted by Bethany Grace (@bthanyy) on

A photo posted by eliastig (@eliastig) on

A photo posted by jaleesa nelson (@jaleesa_n) on

A photo posted by blvckfashion (@ennemi_) on

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It’s Hard to Say Good-Bye

Living In Black with Brianne Horner 1

It’s always hard to say good-bye, especially when the person lives a few hundred miles away. These pictures are from Brianne’s last day in Chicago. I decided to take her to Millennium Park to check out the Bean and the Art Institute of Chicago. The weather could not have been any better. Throw on a light sweater or Brianne’s case, a light jacket, and you were off. The sun was shining and it was the perfect way to end a wonderful visit from Brianne.

I also took her to Wicker Park, my old hood, where we went to Saint Alfred (best shoe store in the city), Stan’s Donuts, and Kokorokoko (an incredible vintage store). I ended up being a bad boy at Saint Alfred’s and bought these sick Nike Air Huarache sneakers and a Uniform Experiment tee. I thought that it would be awesome to end the day with a nice refreshing margarita from Big Star.

Throughout Brianne’s visit, she kept mentioning that she would totally move to Chicago if it was close to the ocean. I told her that during the summer, Chicagoans treat Lake Michigan like its the sea, with beach volleyball and sandy beaches. Although she was lucky to come when there was such amazing weather, I explained to her that coming to Chicago during the summer is a way different experience.

Hopefully I’ll see my baby Brianne back in Chicago soon, because Chicago and I truly miss you.

Living In Black with Brianne Horner 2

Living In Black with Brianne Horner 3

Living In Black with Brianne Horner 4

Living In Black with Brianne Horner 5

Living In Black with Brianne Horner 6
What I’m Wearing:

acne studios sweater (similar) // uniqlo denim // y3 qasa sneakers (similar)

goorin bros fedora // hermes bracelet (similar) // rolex submariner // cartier love rings

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5 Items I need from Alexander Wang x H&M

Alexander Wang x HM LookBook Men 1
Alexander Wang x H&M is literally around the corner, November 6th to be exact, and I’m basically dying. The collection is filled with tons of neoprene goodies, which I’m obsessed with. Although the pricing to me is a little off (think T by Alexander Wang), there are 5 pieces that I need to get from the collection. Hopefully I have a few loving and caring friends that will be waiting in line to pick these pieces up, because I don’t think I’ll be standing overnight. That or I’ll be lurking the H&M website for the release and see if I can snag up some of these pieces.

Alexander Wang x H&M Men's WANG Sweater Black

Scuba Sweatshirt – $69.95

This sweater has my name all over it. Made out of a neoprene fabric, this sweater has perfect oversized sleeves with a minimal WANG on it (uh, maybe not).

Alexander Wang x H&M Men's WANG Sweater Black

Scuba Sweatshirt – $69.95

Of course since the sweater is only $69.95, I need to get it in both of the colors. I can totally see myself wearing this sweater to school everyday.

Alexander Wang x H&M Men's Breathable Top

Long-sleeved T-Shirt – $49.95

Good bye Lululemon (totally kidding), hello Wang’s breathable shirt. Perforated holes throughout the sleeves and stomach area? I’m sold.

Alexander Wang x H&M Men's Scuba Pants

Scuba-look Pants – $69.95

These pants look extremely comfy. I need, need, and need these in my closet ASAP. I feel like this + the Wang sweater will be my new #schooluniform.

Alexander Wang x H&M Men's Black Hoodie

Scuba-look Hooded Jacket – $69.95

Baggy T, this sweater, and black denim = the perfect outfit.

I know that many people are concerned about the quality (I mean it is H&M for godsake). I actually asked a friend that was invited to the press shopping event how the collection was. He mentioned that it was the best one yet and the quality definitely matches Alexander Wang’s main line.

So if you want to pick up a couple pieces make sure to line up the night before and stalk your computer on the 6th. This collection is sure to sellout within minutes due to Alexander Wang being such a talented and well-known designer. I’ll make sure to keep you guys up to date on any pieces I receive.

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Welcome to Old Town, FlyWheel Sports

FlyWheel Sports Old Town Blogger RideI recently did a search for FlyWheel Sports, so weird to call it by its full name, on my blog and I was surprised on how many times + posts I have dedicated to my obsession (okay maybe not so surprised). There’s just something about being a part of the #FlyFam that makes me keep coming back. If you don’t know what FlyWheel Sports is by now, well these two posts (here and here) will definitely help you out.

FlyWheel Sports Chicago

When I found out there was another Chicago location opening up, I instantly soiled my pants. Not only did they say that FlyWheel was coming, but also the hyped up FlyBarre. Now I’ve never taken a barre class before, but from the management + FlyBarre masters they swear by it. They said if you want an Anaconda butt then just do FlyBarre religiously. Also since I now have a pool in my building, I want to get a new pair of swim trunks and want to look good in them.


The new studio will be located in Old Town at 1653 N. Wells Street, aka one of the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago. This will be FlyWheel’s 28th studio they are opening and there are constantly growing as a company. I mean how many fitness classes have you been to where you can burn 600+ calories in 45 minutes? Oh and that are fun too? I haven’t really been to many. That’s why I’m obsessed.


Since I love FlyWheel Sports and FlyWheel Sports loves me, they decided to let me giveaway one free class to three lucky readers. This means that on top of your free class that you receive when you first register with FlyWheel Sports, right here, you can receive additional class for free! So if you try it out and get obsessed like me, then if your lucky, you can use your free class at either the Old Town or Gold Coast studio in Chicago. You can simply enter below!

PS: Remember that there will be 3 winners chosen that will receive 1 Free FlyWheel or FlyBarre class each! You will be sent a code where you can redeem it on FlyWheel Sport’s site.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photos Courtesy of FlyWheel Sports

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