Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

   Can anyone say heart attack? If you guys haven't heard already, H&M announced at Coachella that the next big (hot) designer collaboration is Alexander Wang x H&M. Literally dying. The question that everyone is asking about the collaboration are the prices. Since Alexander Wang is pretty inexpensive already, is H&M going to take it to another level? I hope so.

   Also another thing that I instantly questioned about the collaboration is what kind of fabrics is going to use and the quality? Is it going to be similar to T by Alexander Wang? I thought that the last collaboration that H&M was just okay. Since Alexander Wang is the first American designer to collaborate with H&M, I have super high hopes for this collection (plus Alexander Wang never disappoints).

   This is a collaboration that I will DEFINITELY be waiting in line for, and I hope to see some of you guys out there too (lies - more stuff for me). The collection will be hitting H&M's website and a select number of H&M stores, 250 worldwide stores to be exact (probably the State Street and Michigan Avenue store in Illinois) on November 6, 2014.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taste of Spring

topman skater t-shirt // zara pants // buffalo sneaker wedges
hermes hapi bracelet // nixon watch // supreme camp hat 
   Yesterday we finally had a taste of Spring weather. It's pretty sad when Chicagoans are so excited that it is 50 degrees and we consider it warm enough to wear shorts and sandals. Gracie was extremely excited to finally pull out her American Apparel "crop top." Okay maybe it's not a crop top, maybe it's just a tight varsity shirt. One question that I've kept asking myself is, are we really that deprived of the sun? I know I've been.

   On a side note, lately I've been on a black baggy tee shopping spree. I bought a bunch of Topman's new black tee's, as well as some prima cotton v-necks from Banana Republic. I'm obsessed with them. Basically I will be living in these t-shirts this summer, since... I will be going to summer school. Yes you heard me, I will be going to summer school.

   Unfortunately my schedule got screwed up this semester and my counselor told me that I am retaking a class that I took last summer (and I got an A in it). So for me to graduate my undergrad program next May, I have to take two summer courses to get back on track. Thankfully I have a month off to relax during my summer break, but the other two months I will basically be dying.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vaunte: More Closet Goodies

SELLING: Dries Van Noten "Clear" Sunglasses
   I decided to sell some more of my closet goodies on Vaunte. These are items that I was obsessed with last year and I wore maybe like 4-5 times. Most of the items are in mint condition, some even have tags on it. I hope that someone else will enjoy these goodies as much as I did. If you missed my first "closet clean out" featuring Vaunte, you check out the post right here. Want to take a look at ALL of the items that I am selling on Vaunte? Well you can take a peak right here.

   A few people have asked me why I'm selling a lot of pieces. I simply told them that a Chanel Boy Bag was calling my name, and since I'm a broke college student, selling is the only way I will be able to get one those bad boys. So if you want to help fund my Chanel Boy Bag fund, you are more then welcome to purchase one of my lovely items listed on Vaunte (or if you just can't get your mind off one of the pieces).

SELLING: Brand New Church's Brogues
SELLING: Louis Vuitton Evidence Sunglasses
SELLING: Dries Van Noten Pants
SELLING: Margiela Replica Sneakers
SELLING: Marc Jacobs Sneakers

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break 2014

hm t-shirt // topman jacket // zara trousers
nike roshe sneakers // louis vuitton evidence sunglasses // rolex submariner
   After an intense week of midterms every college student knows that spring break follows up. Sadly I'm writing this blog post on the last day of my spring break, but man did I have a blast. The first few days were all about relaxing (aka some FlyWheel and sleep). Then a "friend" and I decided to take a road trip to Richmond, VA to see some of his family.

   We decided to bring my baby (hi Gracie) on the trip. She was thankfully a good girl throughout the 12 hour car rides. Though I felt like poop the ride there, due to having a mini cold, I still survived the car ride there as well. Of course I did a little shopping and dining while I was in Richmond. Note: If you ever go to Richmond, make sure to grab a bite to eat at Can Can and do a little shopping at Roan in Cary town. Not only does Roan carry local hidden gems, but they also have everyones favs - Proenza Schouler, Christian Louboutin, Celine, and much more.

   What was pretty insane was that I actually stopped by Roan last time I was in Richmond. I saw these gorgeous Celine trousers but was too much in a rush to try them on. I seriously couldn't get them out of my mind. So I told myself next time I went to Richmond that if they were still there I would try them on and get them. Thank the fashion gods that they were still there and now my closet has a new pair of trousers. Oh but that's not the only new thing that was added to my closet. Make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram feed to see my new goodies from Richmond!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Lunch at Sophie's

gareth puth for topshop shirt // topman varsity jacket // naked & famous denim 
comme des garcon x converse sneakers // celine luggage tote // rodarte x oc sunglasses
   During the week Janet, the blogger behind fashion-a-holic, and I decided to grab some lunch in between in insane schedules. I was fortunate to meet Janet through our mutual friend Gia, blogger behind dress up files, during the Sally LaPointe show two NYFW's ago. I instantly could not get over the Celine fur she was wearing and her gorgeous Chanel bag. From then on, we became "insta" friends aka Instagram friends and I lived bicuriously through her Instagram feed. Janet and I decided that it was overdue (I mean it's been like almost a year) to grab some grub. We decided on trying out the new restaurant located in Saks called Sophie's.

   If you guys didn't know, Saks in Chicago had a huge makeover. They completely redid the men's floor, added a restaurant, and of course some other stuff that I already forgot. Janet and I checked out the men's floor and I can say that I was impressed. I seriously felt like I was in Barneys in New York. The merchandising was great, the floor was spacious, and the selection was decent (not so much my style, besides the sick Carven sweaters). I personally have never shopped at Saks before (I've always been a Barney's guy), but I think since they just remodeled the floor that I might give it a try.

   Anyways, I can say Sophie's basically reminded me of Fred's in Barney's. I thought the service was great, but the actual food and the pricing could've been a little better. I mean dropping $35+ for lunch is kind of a bit much, especially when the dishes were little bite size. I thought the environment was a little stuffy, which I seriously can't stand. I felt like this is the kind of place where "ladies who lunch" go and spend their evening. Not some broke college student, hi that's me. To be honest with you I'm not sure if I'll go back there again. Maybe, who knows.

   The great thing was Janet and I really hit it off. I mean we're basically the same person, shopaholics unite. We talked about Hermes, Hermes, and oh did I mention Hermes? So basically Janet and I are going to be shopping partners for life. Oh wait let me rephrase that, HERMES shopping partners. That only means danger of course. By the way Janet & I decided to do a little photo shoot outside of Saks, so here it is.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Vaunte: What I'm Selling

SELLING: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Bag 

   After one of my friends convinced me to do a closet clean out, I decided to finally list some of my precious goodies on Vaunte. If you've never heard of Vaunte, it's basically an online consignment store that raids celebs, editors, or people that have huge closets and sells their goodies that they don't use through their website. Their website is pretty sick, and you can basically spend several hours just browsing through all of the Hermes and Chanel hidden treasures.

   Also the great thing about Vaunte is their % that the seller receives versus a bunch of other consignment stores. So if you have a bunch of goods to sell, make sure you sign up here. Make sure to also check out my closet and see the items I'm selling!

SELLING: Rick Owens Military Boots
SELLING: Givenchy Madonna Clutch
SELLING: Proenza Schouler Wallet
SELLING: Alexander Wang Brenda Bag
SELLING: Prada Oxfords

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week 9: School #Selfie

american apparel sweat shirt (similar) // hm denim (similar) // canada goose jacket
rolex submariner // balenciaga arena bracelet // jimmy choo boots (similar)
   I'm finally in week number 9 of school, and I'm ready to get the h*** out of here. I feel like midterms were just last week, but sadly it doesn't stop there. Pretty much all of my professors mentioned that the next "midterm" exam(s) will be next week. So if I don't post next week, you all know why.

   The week after next is spring break, thank god. I was debating between going to Vegas (for the first time) or NYC (my millionth time), but I'm still torn. Since I waited last minute to get my ticket + hotel, the prices have gone up dramatically. Maybe I'll just do a staycation again this year? Although going to Cancun is looking better everyday it snows (when is it going to stop?).

   On a really random note, I went on craigslist this morning to look at apartments in NYC. I've seriously been having withdrawals of living in the big apple. I constantly look back how insane my life was when I lived there. Not only is the food, shopping, and entertainment is incredible, but I heard that FlyWheel is harder over there too. My cup of tea. If I could live there again, I would kill to live in Williamsburg. Little shops, incredible local restaurants, and super neighborhoody. Oh why can't I finish undergrad already?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Deepest, Darkest Secrets


   As I browsing my Facebook feed, I saw this little video posted. I'm definitely not one to post "chain" videos, but this video is incredible. Basically people share their secrets out loud which then get produced into a video. Amazing concept. I give tons of props not only to people that revealed their deepest, darkest secrets, but also the person who came up with this idea. Not only did this video make me appreciate my life so much more, but it also made me think about how fortunate I am to have the opportunities I have.

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