Havas Intern Fight Club

Havas Chicago Office

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever. I went from going to NYC to Midterms in less than a second. My New York trip was incredible. I ended up doing a Peloton Cycle, FlyWheel, and two Soul Cycle classes. Sadly I was unable to take any pictures in NYC because the weather sucked (and I was having too much fun to take pictures hah). 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve noticed that…

  1. I’ve been posting a lot.
  2. Not my usual #selfie pictures.
  3. There are a lot of weird #’s attached to the picture.
  4. The pictures are about Havas Chicago.

This is because I’ve entered into the “arena” to have a chance to get one of Hava’s coveted internship spots. Basically everyone was given 8 challenges to partake in and post their results/vision on Instagram. The judges will then be able to take a look at their candidates and judge them by how they completing the tasks.

Havas Chicago Office Sign

I decided to do the #Twintern, #GetYourOwnDamnCoffee,#HungryForHavas, #SnailedIt, and #SleepYourWayToTheTop challenges. I had a bunch of fun doing them and actually got to meet my middle school sweetheart (we haven’t been in contact for over 10 years).

They announce the champions on Wednesday. I brought the heat. So fingers crossed that I get it. Below are my submissions for the challenges. Make sure to comment/like them and let me know what you think about them!

Who doesn’t love a little midday caffeine boost? #snailedit #InternFightClub

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What I’m Wearing: Airport Edition

Full Airport Outfit
Today is the day Ryan & I leave to NYC for the weekend. Him and I have been basically dying the past week. Counting the days, minutes, and seconds until we hop on that airplane and jet off to the Big Apple. He told me that he hasn’t been on an airplane in 8 years, so it’ll be an interesting experience. My goal is to get half of my research paper done on the plane. It’s due on Monday, ah.

People always ask me what they should wear to the airport. Whether your going on a 2 hour or 10 hour flight, you should always dress comfy (and chic) . I usually like to wear a basic baggy tee, stretchy skinny jeans, and comfy sneakers. I know a couple months ago I wore a very similar outfit (and almost 4 years ago I wore this silly outfit). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, everyone’s personal style changes as he or she grows up. I know mine did.

So I’m going to get back to working out my research paper, because I’ll be on my way to NYC very soon. I’ll make sure to keep you guys up to date on what I’m doing (and what I’m buying) by using the #ChicOverloadTakesOnNYC. Can’t wait!

Side Profile Outfit

Full Airport Outfit Look

Horizontal Airport Outfit

Black + Blue Outfit

Up Close Airport Outfit

What I’m Wearing:

t by alexander wang t-shirt // margiela bomber jacket (inepensive jacket) // uniqlo jeans
3.1 phillip lim sneakers // goorin bros. fedora
bvlgari ring // cartier love rings // rolex submariner



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Things To Do: NYC

SoulCycle's "Ride With Soul" Best Buddies Benefit

T-minus 3 days till I head over to the NYC for a quick mini trip. Not only did I do a little research on shopping (need to find those hidden boutiques) , but I also joined ClassPass to check out some boutique fitness classes that I have never tried. Studios like Barry’s Bootcamp, CYC Cycling, and Peloton are on the top of my list to visit. Of course I have to check out my little baby, Soul Cycle. I’m determined to take at least 1-2 classes over my 2 day, 3 night trip.

Delicatessen NYC Restaurant

On top of working out a crap ton, I want to grab some grub at a few of my favorite restaurants and shop till I drop (or behave). One of my all-time favorite restaurants is Delicatessen NYC. Their truffle fries, fried chicken, and mac & cheese are some of the best I’ve ever had. Sounds like a heart attack right? Probably, but its worth it.

A photo posted by Luis Torres (@chicoverload) on

I also want to stop by Pomme Frites, which has the best fries in the entire world. They have so many different mayos and sauces to try out but they literally only sell fries, so there isn’t much room for error hah.

Pomme Frites NYC

When it comes to shopping, I need to stop at the famous Bergdorf Goodman and Barney’s NY. I mean the Barney’s NY in NYC makes the Barney’s in Chicago look tiny. I also can’t forget about my favorite retailer that sells the best basics, Uniqlo. I’m going to stock up on a few pairs of denim and basic teas (since they are seriously some of the softest). A store that I have yet to check out was Owen, which I’ve only heard incredible things about. We’re going to try and stay far away from Fifth Ave as possible, because who wants 5 million tourists stampeding you.

Uniqlo NYC

AH I’m so excited, I can’t get my mind off of it. I’ll be sure to update you guys on what I’m doing, who I’m seeing, and all that jazz. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, as well as Tumblr. Let’s stay connected.

photos courtesy of purpose generation // delicatessen // ny daily // solifestyle

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4 Years Old

Full Birthday Outfit

Time seriously flies by. Yesterday (and I totally forgot to post) was my blog’s birthday. My little baby turned 4 years old. I remember when I started blogging in ’11. I was using a cellphone camera and a point-and-shoot camera to take my outfit posts. Fast forward to now and I’m using a fancy DSLR camera. It’s crazy how times change.

On top of my blog’s birthday, its my birthday as well. I turned the big 22 today. Your probably thinking, how are your going to celebrate the big 2-2? Well I get to spend with my best(est) friend in the whole entire world at one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago, GT Fish & Oyster. I’m so pumped to get some fish & chips and a few Po Boy sliders.

Of course I can’t forget about a little retail therapy. You know that East Dane’s big event ends tomorrow. So make sure to get your orders in before you lose out on savings. I already purchased my birthday gift for myself. Cough it has something to do with 3.1 Phillip Lim and men’s sneakers. I can’t wait to get them next week. It’ll be perfect timing to bring them with on my trip to New York (NYC post).

Thanks so much for all of your support and birthday wishes! Without you guys, this blog would be nothing more than me just obsessing over everything and venting over my problems.

Full Outfit Without Coat

Walking by Lakeshore East

Closed Jacket Birthday Outfit

Open Jacket Birthday Outfit 2015

Walking Away Birthday Outfit 2015

What I’m Wearing:

margiela x h&m jacket // h&m turtleneck shirt (similar shirt) // acne studios jeans
christian louboutin aoussam boots (inexpensive similar boot) // hermes collier de chien bracelet
rolex submariner // goorin bros fedora

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The [Big] Event

East Dane Big Sale Event

You guys might’ve remembered when East Dane had that big sale back in November. Well it’s back in action and its better then ever. Grab all of your friends and pile up your purchases to get that nice heavy discount.

The sale starts right now (March 3rd) and will go all the way till 4:00AM (eastern time) on Sunday, March 8th. Of course you better get your butt on to the site, because a lot of the best items will be gone before you know it. What’s the discounts? Well here they are…

  • You save 15% with purchase over $250
  • You save 20% with purchase over $500
  • You save 25% with purchase over $1000

To get these discounts, you simply have to enter the promo code “BIGEVENT15″ to get these savings.

If you know me well, you know that I have my list already…

My Want List

3.1 philip lim side zipper utility pants // t by alexander wang slub low neck t-shirt
y-3 qasa high sneakers // ray-ban original wayfarer sunglasses // miansai screw cuff

You know where I will be for the next hour or two (cough shopping my little heart out cough).

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Much Needed Trip

Outfit Post with Margiela + Leather Pants

As I wrote this post, I opened up a new tab, went to my site, and in the search button typed in “new york.” I looked back at some of the crazy moments that I had in New York. I mean who can’t remember moving New York post (or disaster) or when I went to New York Fashion Week for the first time. I’m amazed on how time flies and how I’ve grown up so much.

On Friday, I’ll be turning 22 and my blog (my baby) will be turning 4 years. Holy cow. I still can’t believe it. As most of my followers know, the reason why I started my blog was to open up my life for everyone + document it. Some nights you can just catch me going through my history of my blog and seeing what I was wearing/saying. Things change. People change.

The 13th of March marks a special day for me. I will be jetting off to New York for a quick little trip with my friend Ryan. He’s never been to New York and I’ve been having withdrawals, so why not spend a few days shopping, eating, and working out (of course) .

While I’m in New York, I really want to check out Wicked: The Musical. I was able to check it out when it came to Chicago a few years ago, but when I found out that its on Broadway I knew it was meant to be. Oh course I can have to do a little Soul Cycle and FlyWheel out there + I also want to try out Barry’s Bootcamp. You probably think I’m crazy because who looks forwards to working out on vacation? Well I do. Oh course I’ll definitely be doing a little of retail therapy. I’m feeling a new pair of Y3 sneakers or maybe some Rick Owens for Adidas sneakers. Who knows.

All I know is I’m going to have a blast taking Ryan around the city and seeing my friends out there. It’ll be a breath of fresh air (well not really since the air is gross). If you guys have any suggestions of restaurants or cool boutiques, make sure to comment below or email me!

Outfit Post: Leather PantsCloseup Margiela SweaterFront View Outfit Post

What I’m Wearing:

margiela x h&m sweater (similar sweater) // lot78 leather pants (similar leather pants)
topman t-shirt (similar t-shirt) // y3 qasa sneakers (similar sneakers)

On the Face:

bareminerals complexion rescue in tan 07 (full review here) // mac select cover up concealer in nc35


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Shampoo Bars, What?

Lush Cosmetics Shampoo Bars

As some you know, I used to work at Lush Cosmetics (post here and here). Not only was it one of my favorite jobs, but I basically lived, eat (if I could’ve), and breathed Lush. The company was incredible to work for and I seriously love(d) 99.99% of the products that I worked with.

Recently Lush announced that they were going to introduce 6 new shampoo bars to its current line. What is a Shampoo bar? Yes you heard me right. A shampoo bar. If you don’t believe me watch the video below.

So basically its similar to a bar of soap, but for your hair. The shampoo bars are packed with tons of essential oils, incredible ingredients, and love (because everything at Lush has a lil’ lovin’). What makes a shampoo bar so great?

  1. Travel friendly (its solid remember).
  2. Extremely inexpensive (60-90 washes for only $10-$12).
  3. It’s good for you (think beneficial ingredients + no silicones).
  4. Lathers up a crap ton (a little goes a long long long way).
  5. Environmental friendly (forget about those nasty plastic bottles).

If you want, I can continue to go on and on. With the new line extension they released, there really is a shampoo bar for everywhere. It may be weird at first because its solid, but you’ll get hooked and never go back to liquid shampoo after your first use. Here are some of the new shampoo bars that Lush released:

Currently I’m using Brazilliant and it’s been pretty awesome. My curly hair has never been softer. Since I’ve only had the Brazilliant for a few days, I will be doing a review on the shampoo bar in a week or two. So, if you haven’t tried out a shampoo bar, go visit your local Lush store or you can order them online.

Lush Cosmetics New Shampoo Bars

photo courtesy of healthy-chicks // weekend notes

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Pintrill Pins

I usually get a bunch of press releases pitching me products to post on my blog. Majority of the time, I respond to the sender and tell them that I’m not really interested in the product, because…

  1. I would never use the product.
  2. They send out the press release to a million different people and can’t get my name right.
  3. What do I get out of it?

But when something catches my eye and they make the email somewhat personal, then its a different story.

I’ve never heard of PINTRILL before. Though when I found out that they were collaborating with one of my favorite mock up brands (hello Lust Limited) then I was all eyes and ears. PINTRILL is a small company based in Brooklyn that designs sick pins. Pins? Yeah, pins. You can put them on your zippers, denim jackets, or where ever you want. They can add the perfect touch to the most minimal outfits.


Oh one thing I forgot, most of the pins are made in limited batches. So if you see a pin you like, make sure you buy it asap because you probably won’t see anyone wearing and it’ll be gone next time you want to buy it. If you want to grab your hands on a Lust Limited x PINTRILL pin, hurry, because there are only 20 of them made.
PINTRILL x Lust Limited Pin

photos courtesy of high snobiety // pintrill

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The Fresh Look

Layered Denim Outfit Post

Man is it freezing outside. I feel like I can’t even leave my apartment without 3 layers of clothing. When taking these pictures I thought I was going to freeze to death. Thankfully I didn’t!

I’m sure your really confused about this outfit, due to not me not wearing 1 piece of black clothing. I guess this relates back to my recent post about light colors. As Spring approaches, my wardrobe tends to become lighter and lighter (kinda) .

As you guys know, I’ve been really obsessed with denim. Whether its light denim, dark denim or combination of both, I love it. I’ve digging All Saints denim pieces, because they are heavy duty and somewhat warm.

Since I’m on the topic of denim, I’ve been really meaning to try out some pieces from Baldwin Denim. Not only are they based in the United States, but they also make the majority of the products in the USA too. I’m all about supporting the US’s economy and receiving a well made good in return. I know they have some awesome (super soft) men’s sweatshirts and men’s t-shirts.

close up denim

layered denim

Denim on denim outfit

full body denim

What I’m Wearing:

topman sweater (similar sweater) // topman denim shirt // all saints denim jacket
levis jeans // cole haan lunargrand shoes // rolex submariner


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The FlyWheel Family

A photo posted by Luis Torres (@chicoverload) on

You know how sometimes you regret doing something a few days after its done? Well I’m definitely in that position. I’m sure you remember that FlyWheel post I posted almost a week ago. Not only did it create a bit of a stir, but it seemed to hurt some people too (people I love).

After thinking about it for 2-3 days, I thought to myself… Why would anyone in the world give up something they love? Something they’ve been passionate about for two years and did it religiously. Maybe there was a few miscommunications here and there and some disappointment, but why not just continue to do what you love and move on. Yes I am kicking myself right now.

I finally realized that FlyWheel isn’t only about the incredible workout and motivational instructors, its more so about the community. FlyWheel has built a #FlyFam that many other fitness facilities try to recreate and fail. How could I no longer be apart of that? 

Basically what I’m saying is that I screwed up and I’m sorry. You know the phrase… Nobody is perfect. Well I hope my #FlyFam understands that.

I’m ready to get back to the routine of taking 4-5 classes a week. I miss seeing all of my favorite instructors. I miss the incredible playlists they curate. I miss the vibe when entering into FlyWheel and know that your about to work your butt off in a 45-60 minute class (and its going to go by so fast). 

FlyWheel, you have me by the hook. I guess that’s when you know that you are extremely attached to the brand and company. Sometimes you may not agree with all of their decisions, but like I said… Nobody is perfect. 

So its time to move on from the past and think about the present (aka take a crap ton of FlyWheel classes and de-stress).

FlyWheel Sports Chicago Outfit

FlyWheel Sports Old Town Blogger Ride

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